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Ok, so here's a sneak peek at my Halloween costume.

I stole the corset from trista. It was so pretty, & I know I will use it again. I could use something to suck up my gut!

I only have pics so far of the corset & the gloves. I am going to wear the corset with a long black skirt I have that looks kinda goth (might have to pin it on, since I gained so much weight). Then I will use white make-up on whatever else shows of my arms & shoulders, neck & face, the white contact lenses, blood red lipstick with a trickle in the corner of my mouth, I MIGHT use the Alice Cooper eyes that I wear as Malice (but is that Vampire-ish???), & then I will crinkle my hair & tie some sort of black thing around my forehead. Or should I use a dark haired wig? Party City has a Vampiress wig on sale....a plain brown one with bangs that come to a point, & the same style with purple or blue streaks. But I thought my own hair might be a nice contrast against the black of the costume. Opinions please.

Here's the corset:

Here are the gloves:

I will post a pic of the skirt later, & maybe show the whole she-bang.

Poll here:
Poll #68079 Costume questions

What hair should I use with my Halloween costume (a vampiress)?

My own hair, long & straight.
My own hair, crinkly.
A black or dark brown wig which has bangs that form a point.
The same style, but black with blue streaks.
The same style, but black with purple streaks.

Any other (free or very cheap) suggestions???

Should I.....?

...use the "Alice Cooper" eyes w/the blood red lips & the bloody trickle in the corner of my mouth.
....just go with a plain white face with blood red lips & a bloody trickle in the corner of my mouth.
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