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Bummer. I woke up deathly ill today. Boom. Couldn't be more sick. *sigh* Like I need THIS right now (not that there ever is a GOOD time to get sick, but this time is particularly unfortunate). People were getting sick left & right on the ship...and you are constantly in close contact with people. Mike's friend Chilly was really sick towards the end of the cruise, & the guy Rebecca met, Cris, was really sick & in our room quite a bit. Although, it's really going around, everywhere. My friend erinbir is really sick right now, & my EMT friend at Knott's, Brad, was really sick last night at work. This feels more like the flu than a cold. Even after drinking a cold glass of juice, my temp was measuring 100. I feel like I have been run over a few times by a semi, & then dragged a few hundred feet. Last night, I started feeling a scratchy throat, & today, woke up full-blown sick. Slight headache, very achy body, fever, sore throat (hurts for liquid to go down), no appettite.

Tomorrow, I am working on the TV show "Without a Trace." They are going to love me being around, sick. I am playing a neighbor (just extra, no lines), with the possibility of standing in for a little girl on the show. It's a good show, I like it. I am excited to work on it, but not excited about working while feeling like hell. Maybe I will feel a little better tomorrow.

I had to pay my electricity bill, or they would disconnect it tomorrow. The bill was $124.82, plus $0.35 for paying it over the phone....and I had exactly $125 in my account. *sigh* And no, rent hasn't been paid. I have $200 cash set aside for rent, so that makes me...gee...only $600 short. And it's already 3 days late.

I have rehearsal for the new Xmas shows at Knott's on Tuesday & Wednesday. Yay...more driving down to Knott's during traffic. But hey, it's work. But certainly won't be any fun while sick. Hopefully, I can book work for Thursday & Friday. *crossing fingers* I truly pray that work/money picks up this month. Enough of this.

And just for the nosy nellies, I bought a $15 sweater on the cruise in Ensenada, & we went horseback riding there, & that's pretty much all the money I spent.

Hey, Miss/Mr. anonymous, any snazzy comments that you are too chicken to stand behind? *wink*
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