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I sure hope my pinkeye is completely cleared up by Thursday, so that I can wear my contacts for my driver's license photo. I mean, of course I would remove my glasses for the picture, but then you have that little mark on the bridge of your nose from where the glasses were sitting. I am tired of wearing my glasses every day. And I don't want to wear them this weekend around Mike....I want to look cute, & I am far cuter in my contacts than in my glasses! I don't like glasses, anyway....I am big on eyes, & glasses hide them!

What a joyous day Thursday will be. First, my DMV driver's license renewal appointment. Apparently, I have to take the vision test, retake the written test (yikes), pay the $15, & then have my thumbprint taken & my picture taken. I always want to look my best for the picture, cause you are stuck with it for a long time, & people make fun of DL pictures (I never understand why people, mostly men, don't smile for theirs). As if spending time at the DMV isn't exciting enough, I THEN get to go to the gyn & get my annual pap smear! Woooo-hoooo! That's always SOOOO much fun....NOT! *sigh* Last year, I was achy for a few days after. And after that, I get to go to a 6 hour rehearsal....but hey, at least I am making money!

Tomorrow, I am supposed to go see "The Ring" again with thefreak. That should be fun.

And Friday....I am riding along with mr_dark to Phoenix. He is going to see freakyme (can't wait to meet her), & I am going to see my honey. I can't wait. It will have been EXACTLY one month since we have seen each other. That's crazy. I also can't wait to see the folks from the cruise again, hopefully nutty, Matt, aubkabob, Shannon, & Gary. I hope to also see my dear friend, Karinn, if she can drive in from Mesa for dinner & karaoke....I don't think I have seen her since my birthday last year, & if that's true, it's been WAY too long.
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