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I'm HIGHLY amused by my recent poll, so I am going to share the responses ANONYMOUSLY so you can all enjoy the entertainment. And yes, I really was this bored, but now I am glad I did the poll, cause I laughed my ASS off reading your responses....and I *needed* the laugh. So thanks! :-)

If you want my bo-dy, AND you think I'm sexy, come on, sugar, let me know.....

Hey little girl, wanna ride? :-)

oh yeah!

I don't like polls that don't let me see everyone's answers!

You seem like a nice person, but I have a girlfriend.

You have very lucious bossoms. :)

I'm not sure what i'm supposed to put in here. Do i find you attractive? Do I like you? Do I want to *ahem*....? *confused*

If you really need me just reach out and touch me come on honey tell me so... break out the tartan! :)

very cute..very sexy....make me all fuzzy inside

you are a sexy hotty and if I were an eligible bachelor I would totally try to date you :) alas, i'm a girl and i live too far away

Wooohoooo! You are hot and I'd want you if I swung on that tree. Heheh.

I wouldn't turn ya down if you offered. ;) I think you're fucking HOT.

Absolutely. But my wife would object.

you're too sexay for your shirt!

Whoo yeah!

You're a might tasty morsel, I'll say that.

Umm... yesh please. *coy grin*

yes and yes.

ohhh like I'm not gonna answer here ;-)

Yes, please!

Hmmm...yeah...I'd do ya. Unless you smelled ilke New Jersey down there. ;)

i want your ear ;)

okay..you're sexy..and..I want your body

Sure, why not. Yes, you're sexy.

i'll take "yes" for $500 alex

No thanks. :-P

Well I think you are sexy. But I already have a body of my own. So you can keep yours. It looks better on you anyway.

What, are you that bored?

i think you're sexy even though we haven't met

I swear, some of those answers made me want to pee...and only one person got (or indicated) the Rod Stewart reference. :-) Needless to say, I am very flattered, & VERY amused! I'll have to do silly posts more often! *mwah*
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