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I went back to the doctor today. They asked me TWICE if I was paying off my outstanding balance. I told them I had already mailed a check (I had!).

Inexplicably, they made my appointment with the wrong doctor. My medical card says Dr. Elizabeth Reeves. I prefer female dotors because I find them to be more sensitive. But she's sooo popular, I have NEVER been able to get an appointment with her. So I have always seen Dr. Paul Lee. I saw Dr. Lee 5 weeks ago with this stuff, so I wanted to follow up with him. But they made the appointment with Dr. Reeves! Weird! And a bit irritating.

But she meant business. After telling her that I had felt bad for 6 weeks, & off & on....some days I felt great & "healed," somedays I felt awful, like something the cat dragged in. So she ordered a complete blood work-up, in particularly testing for Epstein-Barr virus. Interesting....I believe I tested positive for that back around 1992. Epstein-Barr is connected with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That would most CERTAINLY explain a lot. I am a perky, bubbly person, who can turn it "on" when I need to, such as when I am performing, or with a group of friends (like at my b'day party). But other times, I just feel drained. I am typically low energy. I am running a constant low grade fever...some headaches...all symptoms of EB. It would also explain why I get sick so often. EB basically means you have a supressed immune system. I am more likely to get sick if someone around me is, etc. That would explain why I went from the flu to bronchitis, to walking pneumonia, to pinkeye, to the stomach virus, etc. I just catch everything. My dad thinks I have "premature baby syndrome," which to him means that since I was so early, my body wasn't able to create it's own anti-bodies to fight things off....creating a weakened immune system. I suppose that's possible, too. Who knows?

It's really too early to speculate. It may NOT be EB. My blood work may come back 100% normal...and then where will I be? SOMETHING is wrong with me....I was telling someone, I don't care if they tell me I have something awful, as long as I finally KNOW what's wrong with me. It's the knowing SOMETHING is wrong but not knowing WHAT that kills me.
I should find out the results on Thursday.

Some info, not all necessarily relevant...

And hey, if I DON'T have it, you just educated yourself on something you probably didn't know anything about.... :-)
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