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Oh, goody. I am up to 103, & rising. I haven't had this high of a temperature in my memory bank. 99-100 is normal for me, when I am running a fever. 103? I think I am dying. At least, it FEELS like I am dying. It also feels like I am microwaving my eyeballs.

I look forward to gallavanting through the airports like this today. Carrying my heavy luggage alone, etc. And like I said, won't my dad be thrilled? Can he ever see me when I am NOT sick? Of course, those are very small windows of opportunity.

I have been getting lots of sleep, eating better, etc. Resting. So why doesn't my immune system improve?

I have to get ready in an hour. I really needed that sleep, but have you ever tried sleeping with your body boiling from the inside? It ain't easy.
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