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So color me confused as heck.

I came home from an audition today & found a delivery from UPS on my porch. I checked the address....nope, it was, indeed, to me. I was not expecting anything. Haven't bought anything. And it was a big box.

So I open it up. It was a Digix portable DVD player. There was no packing info. Nothing other than the company's return address on it. No letter inside. Nothing to explain it.

What do I do? I have always wanted a portable DVD player for all the flights I take. But I didn't buy this. Maybe it was sent from a friend? But I don't even remember mentioning that I wanted one to anyone! If I were to mail it back to the address on the package, that would be a lot of trouble for me. The UPS station is far away, & I would have to pay the cost to mail it back (& it ain't light).

I would, of course, like to keep it. I could definitely use it. But I don't want to get in trouble. What do I do??? Any advice?
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