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Some day soon, I will do a post about my cruise. It was, honestly, the best vacation in memory. My cousins are developing good personalities. Momme Dot worried me a bit, though. She's declining in health, mentally & physically, & it's a bit scary to see.

I was super active this trip....my family complained they never saw me except at dinner & karaoke idol. That's not exactly true. The boys went on a snorkeling excursion in Curacao with me, & everyone but MD went on a kayaking trip in Aruba & a catamaran/snorkeling trip in St. Maarten. I went on excursions by myself Tuesday (horseback riding....a cute white horse named Sara), Wednesday (swimming with the sea lions, including one named Sara!), & Saturday (Screamin' Eagle Jet Boat). I rollerbladed, ice skated (LAME), & climbed the rock wall twice. Napped whenever possible. Usually went to bed after dinner, around 11ish, except the karaoke nights. Met a guy the first day who was traveling alone, Terry. He was a cool guy, from Florida. He bought me some stuff in St. Thomas (the incense, 2 body oils, shorts, a wallet...). Such a nice guy. Our waiter, Umit from Turkey, had a crush on me & wants me to come stay with him in Turkey. :-) Our assitant waiter (waitress), Lui, was awesome. The sports staff members--John, Nuno, Alex, Jeffrey--were awesome guys. I got to be good friends with a guy on the cruise director staff, Frankie. He wants to come visit me in LA. That's just a quick Reader's Digest version...
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