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I just had an angel visit me. :-)

My friend, Andie. She knew I was sick today, so she asked if I needed anything to eat. I told her I needed some bread. She showed up at my house with groceries galore. I have been too broke to buy any groceries.

I felt terrible, though, cause she just had a bunch of unexpected medical expenses, but she insisted. She's very religious, & she said she needed to tithe anyway, & since she doesn't have a home church, she just as soon bless a friend with her tithe to the Lord. She did bless me. I feel very blessed. I have food. And a great friend. :-)

Hoepfully, I will be better soon. I was hoping this didn't last too long. I had to call in sick to work today, & might have to again tomorrow....just can't be perky & bounce around in this heat with a fever. But I definitely cannot AFFORD to miss these days of work....but I tend to lose my voice when I am sick, so if I press myself, I will miss even more work....*sigh*
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