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ATTENTION! justj, izzicam, houseofal, elmoosh, misskris, crankyangel, sexykitty1, webwatcher, & any other local (Los Angeles) LJers!!!

I recently spoke to the producer of my show, & the "good seats" are quickly selling out. I imagine there will be SOME seats left (they seem to think the whole place will sell out, but I dunno), but you will be stuck in the corner somewhere! You want a good seat. IF you are coming, that is!

So...please...do yourself a favor (& ME a favor, since I can then leave you alone about it): Call & make a reservation. They WILL charge your credit card (or debit card, whatever) to hold the seat, but hey, it's only $8! If a group of you wants to go together, one of you needs to call & reserve all the seats with your card, & everyone can pay you. Or give me the cash, & I will pay the box office on Friday. Whatever. It's not the usual "first come, first served" deal...this theatre is actual assigned seats...so if you want to sit WITH someone, you will have to make the reservation at the same time. So someone without a high balance on their credit card should call! :-)

What I have heard so far is that crankyangel, webwatcher, amythyst, & mr_dark want to come on Saturday, May 18th at 2PM. But PLEASE (Kayla & Dan), call & reserve seats. Or give me the cash & I will have them pull seats with Justin & Crystal's. izzicam & justj seem to want to come Friday night, the 17th at 7:30....Cheri & Al, do you want to go with them? I need the money for all of you by Friday, or one of you call & put it on your card. Like...ummm...now. Or take your chances with *gulp* nosebleed seats.

Anyone else wanna come see the show? It's really good...there are LOTS of funny, talented people....I promise! And it's JUST over an hour, so not too painful. GREAT for kids, but adults should have fun, too. I can honestly use all the support I can get....:-)

Reservation #: 714-994-6310 or 562-944-9801

(You can try telling them you want to reserve for X many people, & you are friends with me, who is the star of the show, & I will be bringing them your cash, if you don't want to charge it....that MIGHT work.)

Here's the list of performances for the public:
Sat., May 11th---11AM & 2PM
Fri., May 17th---7:30PM
Sat., May 18th---2PM

That's it! Now back to your regularly scheduled programs. :-)
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