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Yesterday, after my doctor's appoinment, TC met me at my house to go to crankyangel's. We ended up meeting crankyangel & izzicam at the mall. We all got pedicures (I think they got manicures, too, but I just don't do my fingernails...doesn't last long enough to make it worth it). I felt really guilty about spending "food money" on a pedicure...but I rationalized it by saying *I* needed to treat myself. Besides, crankyangel gave me $10 to spend (well...it was really for a stuffed animal hammock, but she let me keep it when they didn't have one), & the pedicure was about $15. My toes look really pretty....pink sparkly polish with flowers on the big toes.

The TC & I sat in traffic on the way to rehearsal. It was at 6PM, & we would be rehearsing at the theatre for the first time (on the actual stage the night before you perform....yikes!). We made it fine. We basically just did a cue-to-cue. Not very helpful to us.

By the time we got to Reggie's, we had a bite to eat & hit the hay. I discovered that TC is bisexual & she & her boyfriend would like me to join them. They both have an Alice in Wonderland fetish. Tee-hee....

I didn't sleep well. I think I was anxious about the shows. I didn't feel I was ready to open. I had some WEIRD dreams. TC says it was the spicy sauce on the chicken. :-) Sleeping on the floor probably didn't help. I kept waking up & checking to see how much time I had left to sleep....like I did a lot of sleeping.

Woke up at 6:45 to shower & wash my hair. We were off for the theatre by 7:45. Had time to stop for a smoothie (non-dairy, like a good girl) before the theatre. Yum. Was nervous for the show....but relaxed into it almost right away. The shows (2 of them, approx. 1,200 kids at each) went REALLY well. TC got booed at the end (hey, she IS the mean queen), but she said that was the ultimate sign that she did a good job. :-)

The director said I was "so adorable," she just wanted to cry from the audience. *grin* I DO have the role of Alice down pat. Played it enough....

Then came over to crankyangel's for work. Got a capture started & then we went to Subway for sammiches. We both got the VERY yummy honey mustard turkey sammich. Delish.

Then on to the grocery store for her shopping....then back to the house for more work.

That's the boring update.

Gonna try to be in bed early-ish tonight, cause I have a show at 11AM (9:30 call-time) & one at 2PM. I don't think I have anyone coming until next weekend.

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