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Random Rantings......

...just cause it's been a while.

I'm eating a pb&j sammich & you're not. Pfffffffft!

Woke up at 5:45AM to meet Erin at the gym for our aqua aerobics class. It was a good class. I was sufficiently tired afterwards. That treading water shit is HARD! Then we rinsed off, got dressed, walked the track (2 miles-ish), then got undressed again to shower. It's amazing how much scrubbing it takes to even moderately get the chlorine smell off of you, & it never seems to leave your hands....why is that, I wonder? I mean, I washed my hands a million times, put yummy smelling lotion on a million times....and I can STILL smell chlorine on my hands. Sheesh. What a disgusting smell. I got a "fat burning" smoothie. Yum....banana/pineapple. Then off to Kayla's I went.

I am sleepy now. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I had really weird dreams, for one thing, but I also got to bed too late. I had planned to get to bed at a decent hour. Just didn't happen....the best laid plans, ya know. I had this weird dream....I heard gunfire outside (that MIGHT have really happened, who knows?)....and then, while I was laying in my bed, a car load of gangsters drove by & shot at my house, at my bedroom. I ducked as low in the bed as I could, & I don't think I got shot. But how odd is that? Wonder what it means...

So WHY didn't I get to bed early last night, you might ask? ASK crankyangel!!! When I got here yesterday, giddycam was here. Kayla asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with her, giddycam, webwatcher, & cixel. I hedged, cause I had wanted to get to bed early. Then she said, "Come on, it's a free meal, it's on me!" Well....how can a poor girl turn down free seafood? So I agreed to go. When we got there, I saw the waiters doing a happy birthday thing to some lady, & I was really embarrassed for her. They put a red clown wig on her, flippers on her hands, & a grass skirt on her, & made her hula for everyone while people sang "Happy Birthday." I said, "If any of my friends ever did that to my, I'd kill them." Everyone agreed that it was really embarrassing. A little while later, here comes our waiter, stopping right next to me. I feel an instant feeling of dread, & sure enough, he loudly announces, "Hey, everybody, we have a birthday over here. Today is Stephanie's 16th birthday!" The guy was like, "You are Stephanie, right?" And I tried to get out of it by saying, "No, that's not me." Didn't work. Another waiter sat in my seat so I couldn't sit back down. These cruel people proceeded to place a scary wig on me, put a cape over my head, & hand me a bucket, instructing me to run around the restaurant giving out candy from the bucket to each table. I was ready to KILL crankyangel, & all my dear "friends" at the table were laughing hysterically. Off I went, bouncing from table to table, passing out candy, saying, "How ya doin'?" to every table until I ran out of candy. Very degrading. Turns out the whole group had this planned all day....but you can imagine who the ringleader was. I tell ya....she's lucky I am such a good sport. Some drunk man at the next table kept leaning over & saying, "Heeeeeey, Birthday Girl," & holding out his fist for me to tap with my fist. Later, he flung a crab leg at me (not intentionally....I don't think), & I said, "Sir, are you throwing food at me?" QUITE the experience. Kayla said she almost died when I said I would kill any friends who did that to me, since it had already been planned. The hostess thought I was a child & almost pulled a kid's menu for me until I turned around & she saw my face. I think that's an insult. And I am quite sure NO ONE was buying I was 16...not with these tits & these wrinkles! But I went to the bathroom & the hostess was in there, & she said, "Happy birthday!" So did the manager. Keep in mind....my birthday is December 1st. *sigh* (But I was grateful for dinner...but by that time, I think I EARNED it!) ;-Þ

I am beginning to worry about my lip. We all know I have a ummmm.....certain amount of vanity. I mean, looks are important in my career. My smile is just about all I got! And there is a sizable bump in the center of my bottom lip, where it got busted. Erin says it's probably scar tissue....but scar tissue doesn't usually go away, so if that's what it is, I am not gonna be happy. I am trying to gently massage it, but it's still a little sore. The bump affects my smile.....it hits my lower teeth. I will NOT be a happy camper if that bump doesn't go away. Not happy at all.

I am SOOOO excited about this weekend that I could bust. No, now don't start thinking about my bust....get yer head out of the gutter, people! ;-Þ I have 8 friends coming to see my show on Friday night (Alicia, Shawn & Erin, Maranda, Amy & her mom, & justj & izzicam, & then I have 8 people coming on Saturday (crankyangel, webwatcher, houseofal, sexykitty1, mr_dark, amythyst, & MAYBE littlesunshine & her son. If she CAN'T come, I will have to find someone to take her place. houseofal bought two tickets, but I don't know who he's bringing. I am SOOOO excited!!! I feel so little support for my career from my family, so it seriously means SO much to me to have supportive friends. I am SO happy! It's just great! I can't wait to feel how pumped I will be, knowing they are there! And nervous, too! I CANNOT wait!!! Wooo-hoooo!

I was thinking about something the other day. What a shock. Me thinking. It's a wonder I don't hurt myself. There's this 11 year old boy in my show, Phillip. He was talking about how his dad (a skeezy man) took him to see the new Jason/Friday the 13th movie. But he has to close his eyes whenever he sees boobies or love scenes. Ummmmm....what is wrong with this picture? He's 11....and he's allowed to watch MAJOR gory violence, heads being chopped off, guts flying everywhere....but breasts & sex are off limits? That is the problem with a LOT of people. Sex can be beautiful. The naked body is natural (I don't encourage public nudity, however). Murder is never beautiful (unless you're psycho) & it's not natural. There is NOTHING positive about violent killings, especially for the sake of entertainment. I am not saying plenty of people don't find it entertaining, cause obviously, they do. But to make sex & the naked body seem worse than violence? What is wrong with that picture? Is it JUST me?

Saw something that amused me today. When I was leaving the gym, I saw what TC calls a "parking lot stalker." You know what those are....the people who follow slowly behind you in their car to take your spot. Parking lot stalkers are annoying...even for the fact that I know it's that person being EXTREMELY lazy. If you have a disability or whatever, you should be using a handicap spot. There were spots nearby....not more than 10-12 cars down the aisle. But she stayed idling in her car while Erin & I talked for a few minutes (I'm not going to rush my conversation because someone is too lazy to take a spot 10 cars away), waiting for Erin's spot. Ummmm....let me get this straight. You are coming to the gym for EXERCISE....but you can't walk in from 10 cars away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That just hits my funny bone. What a lazy patoot.
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