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I might not be online QUITE as much as usual the next few days. Due to my show schedule, I am spending the night at my friend Reggie's for the next two nights. Therefore, at night, I have no pc access. I will be online tomorrow from Kayla's (possibly limited though, cause we have to get some work done, & I have to go bra shopping), & then at Reggie's Thursday night (& tonight), & then a show on Friday morning, & then running around with TC & David Friday day, & then a show Friday night, & then out with my friends who are coming to the show (about 10 people so far!!!), & then MAYBE checking stuff late Friday night, possibly early Sat. And then back to normal, I guess.

I just didn't want anyone to worry about me...not that you would...but you know....

And thanks to everyone who said hello to my friend, erinbir!!! I REALLY appreciate you guys extending a friendly hello. That's so nice! She's new here & learning the ropes, & she really appreciated that. I truly have some great friends on here! *big grin*

Asta la pasta, ya'll!!!! *smooch*
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