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This is the kind of conversation my brother (chappell) & I have:

ME: BOO!!!!!!
Chappell: ACCCK!
Chappell: don't do that!!!!!
ME: O:-)
ME: Ya big sissy.
ChappellCh: you are soooo not even an angel
ME: Are you a man or a mouse?
ME: Squeak up!
Chappell: Mmmm, I love cheese.
ME: Me too!:-D
Chappell: Then we must be mouses
Chappell: or mices
Chappell: or meeces
Chappell: or something
Chappell: whatcha doing?
ME: mice
ME: Mice IS plural, ya numnut.
Chappell: :-P~~~~
ME: I just got here a little while ago....over did it at the gym.
Chappell: rut-roh
Chappell: sore dwarf?
ME: Are you calling me a dwarf?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Chappell: /me looks around
Chappell: nope
ME: Smart answer.
Chappell: hey, I may LOOK dumb
ME: heh
Chappell: *hugggggggggggggles*
ME: What was that for?
Chappell: Do I have to have a reason?
ME: Nope.
ME: Just curious.
Chappell: Just an unprovoked huggle.
Chappell: You'll get those sometimes.
ME: cool!
ME: I'm down wit dat.
Chappell: Better watch your back when I'm actually around too. You never know when one might come. :-)
ME: heh-heh
Chappell: If I can reach you.
ME: Hardy har har.
Chappell: Hee hee
Chappell: *giggle*
ME: I'll bite your ankles, mister! Don't start with me.
Chappell: Eeep!
ME: That's right, keep backin' up.
Chappell: I'll just put my hand on top of your head
Chappell: and hold you off to the side
ME: Nope.
Chappell: that'll be funny
ME: Just you try.
Chappell: little legs just pumping away, arms flying
Chappell: hee hee
Chappell: I'll bet you were cute in your little beetle
ME: yepper
ME: I shall have another some day.
Chappell: why did you get a truck?
ME: To be in something safer, the Beetle had too many problems (first year model), & I always cart stuff around...
Chappell: oh
Chappell: You could have gone with something in the middle :-P
ME: pfffffft
Chappell: wellll?
Chappell: you coulda
ME: My daddy bought it for me & I paid him back when I sold the Beetle.
Chappell: oh
Chappell: well that's cool
ME: Glad you approve. *thwack*
Chappell: *thwack back*
ME: Ow!
ME: Mooooooooooooooooooooom!
Chappell: you asked for it
Chappell: *smooch*
ME: *huggggggles*
Chappell: I wuv my seestor
ME: I wuv my brudda
Chappell: One month till I leave :-D
ME: wooot-wooot
Chappell: One month and three days till I see my most favorite little sister in all the world!
ME: Who dat?
Chappell: Short chick, dresses up like Alice in Wonderland a lot, hangs out with a naked chick.
ME: Hey, that girl sounds pretty damn cool.
Chappell: she's the smurfiest!
ME: :-)
ME: Blue does look awfully good on me.
Chappell: hee hee
Chappell: Blue is my favorite color forever
ME: No, mine!
Chappell: Mine first!
Chappell: I'm older
Chappell: :P
ME: pfffffffffffffffffft
Chappell: /me wipes the spittle of his face
Chappell: /me wipes the spittle on alice
ME: Hey, my spit is like nectar from the gods....
Chappell: Oh?
ME: yes...treasure it
ChappellCh: /me goes to ask **** about that.
ME: HEY!!!!!
Chappell: *giggle*
ME: **** thinks I am Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!
ME: "smokin'"
Chappell: I would too, if I were allowed to :-P
ME: But yer not, so pfffffffffffffft!
Chappell: I'll move to West Va. so I can!
ME: *ack*
Chappell: ROFL
Chappell: *poke*
ME: Hey!
ME: No poking!
Chappell: I didn't poke you.
ME: Liar! You fibbed!
ME: I am telling!
Chappell: *puts hand over alice's mouth
ME: ,eraewsdahfsdhfsdkhfalsdfhsdfdsfdsfsd
Chappell: wooo hooo!
ME: dlkjfsdjfrkljf;ldsjfdsjfdsjf;dsf
Chappell: EWWWWWWW!!!!
Chappell: You licked my hand!!!!!!
Chappell: GROSSSSSS!
ME: hahahahaha, made you move your hand!
ME: Works every time!
Chappell: You're disgusting!
ME: I know you are, but what am I?
ChappellCh: *whap*
ME: *thwump*
Chappell: quit thumping my tummy
ME: Quit sticking it out!
ME: O:-)
Chappell: *pout*
ME: heh-heh
Chappell: It sticks out on its own
Chappell: I can't help it
ME: Aw, baloney.
Chappell: does too
ME: nope
Chappell: how do you know??
ME: I am psychic.
Chappell: psycho!
Chappell: I want german chocolate cake
ME: I want chili.
Chappell: chilli and cake would be good
Chappell: I have some Fritos to go with the chilli
ME: yummy
Chappell: Need to go to the gym first though
Chappell: and feed the kids
ME: yeppers
Chappell: I'm really hungry though. I might have to get a snack before I go.
ME: ok...I gotta log off anywho.
ME: Gotta be at Knott's at 5
Chappell: yay knotts!
Chappell: get me some jelly
ME: ummmm.....ok
ME: Are you serious
ME: ?
Chappell: LOL
Chappell: no silly
Chappell: I can get jelly here.
ME: okie
Chappell: you're cute
Chappell: *huggles*
ME: *huggles*
Chappell: have a fun night
ME: you two
ME: too
ME: hehehe
ME: you two have fun
Chappell: heh heh
Chappell: woooo
Chappell: /me looks for his date
ME: Your date?
ME: oh
ME: lol
ME: <----sleepy & slow
Chappell: hee
Chappell: *slurp*
Chappell: I got your ear!!!!
Chappell: <--sleepy and silly
ME: So what's new there?
Chappell: :-P~~~~~
ME: Like that chunk of earwax?
Chappell: yummy
ME: asta la pasta
ME: have a good night
Chappell: good night sweetums
Chappell: *hugs*
ME: *hugs*

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