Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,


This company wanted me to come up with a $500 start-up fee JUST to be registered with an online EXTRA casting agency! $500 fee to be an extra? Ya gotta be kidding me??? You can join most extra agencies, including the main one---Central---for a $10 photo fee.

It bothers me that people swindle struggling, gullible actors like this....

On a different note....I have decided to write to the owner of Deep, if I don't hear from them. I am going to ask him for an opportunity to observe for a while, & then re-audition. Jennifer may be right, I may not even like it once I do it (if I do it), but I feel this desire to try. I do have a very sexy side that I wouldn't mind tapping into a bit more. I just feel like this is a challenge I want to take on....even if only temporarily.

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