Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

OK.....Howie Mandel & his hidden cameras.....CRACK ME UP!!!!

How do so many people NOT know who he is?

I met him on my cruise last summer. He & his family were cruising with us. He was talking to the bass player of the Stingrays, whom my sister & I had made friends with. Bruce (the bassist) introduced me to "Howie," (as I was standing there thinking this man looked a lot like Howie Mandel!), & mentioned that I was an actress in California. I nonchalantly reached out my hand to shake Howie's hand, forgetting that he had a pretty severe case of OCD. I remember an interview with him once....he washes his hands constantly, & doesn't like to touch strangers. He kinda shrunk back from my hand, hiding his hand behind his back, & made some lame excuse about "carpel tunnel" or something like that, as to why he couldn't shake my hand. I replied that that was totally cool. He asked me where I lived in CA, & I said Los Angeles. We talked briefly, & then he went back over to his family.

A bit odd....but he's funny when he's "on."
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