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Lots on my mind, but as usual, not enough time to write about all of it. I can't WAIT for Thursday/Friday....my first days off in FOREVER!!!! I might actually find myself in the mood to clean my house! The living room & pc room are in desperate need. UGH! I won't even know where to start.

Two words....personal accountability.

I cannot stand people who always need to find someone to blame, when usually the blame falls upon themselves. A perfect example (& one reason why I get disgusted with the human race): yesterday at KBF, these SOAKING wet kids came up to see Charlie Brown, Linus, & Lucy. We are instructed by wardrobe not to let wet kids hug or lean against the characters. The costumes are very expensive, & the water in the park (in the rapids ride & in the waterfall at the front of the park) is VERY chlorinated. Well, Erin was portraying JT that day. On the microphone, she politely asked the mother of the soaking wet kids (not just damp....we are talking DRIPPING) to let her kids just shake the characters hands, but to please not hug them or lean against them. The woman got pissy about that. And then the man with her (husband possibly?) turned to us & said, "Well, it's YOUR PARK'S fault that they are wet." I planted a great big smile on my face & said, "We don't make kids stand under the waterfall, sir." *grumble* I'm sorry, unless we throw a bucket of water at you upon your entrance into the park, we are NOT responsible for you or your kids being wet. Everyone loves to get in that waterfall, especially in the summer. We don't force that. You either let your kids do it or you don't. And as far as the rapids ride, there is a giant sign at the entrance that says, "You will get wet, you may get SOAKED!" Grow up you mother fucking idiots. Start taking personal accountability for your stupid mother fucking actions. Get a fucking life...yadda, yadda, yadda. Personal accountability is a hot button issue for me.

What the fuck is wrong with LJ? I am SICK of getting that "connection failed" message every time I try to post something. If I hadn't copied this entry, I would be BEYOND pissed right now.

Just watched the "ER" episode on tape where Dr. Greene dies. VERY sad. I don't like sorrow. Not at all. Not when I've been there. *sniffle*

I start rehearsals for the saloon show tomorrow. I'm WAAAAY excited about that.
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