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My goodness.....I do believe I am STARVING.

Don't mind me. I'm gonna go make a bagel with that yummy jalapeno cream cheese I just bought. *going to kitchen*

Yuuuuuummmmmm.....yummy bagel w/jalapeno cream cheese....jealous? ;-Þ

Just uploaded some great pics. Maybe I will post a few some time.

Still sportin' a bit of a cold. Odd symptoms. Definitely just a head cold. I have sinus issues, sneezing, headache, fever yesterday & Sunday. I am grateful it's not worse than it is. Hopefully, I will be all better by the weekend. I need to take care of myself. I am tired & don't feel great (though not awful). I will go to bed fairly early tonight, & don't have to get up til around 8AM. I feel like my voice is fading, & I need that for the 14th...not to mention for rehearsals & shows!

morbidus is supposed to come over tomorrow night. I will believe it when I see it. LOL....I haven't seen him in a loooong time! I miss him...he makes me laugh & we are comfortable together. I am hoping we can be better friends....like actually SEE each other occasionally, instead of once in a blue moon! He is supposed to teach me how to burn CDs on my pc, & we will order pizza & watch the Laker game. THREE-PEAT!!!!! Woot-woot!

A guy responded to my personals ad, telling me he's in a wheelchair. It was a moot point because he lives in Minnesota, & I am strongly against long distance relationships. But it got me wondering....how many people could HONESTLY look past a wheelchair? Not just those who get on their highhorse & CLAIM they could, but those who would honestly say, no, they couldn't, or yes, honestly they could. Now....if I was deeply in love with someone who suddenly needed to BE in a wheelchair---a la Christopher Reeve---I would NOT leave him. We would make do. But I do not feel I could initially look past it. Not being anything other than honest. Which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

Had rehearsal today. Finally got some validation for my thoughts. The "old" (as in, have done the show together for 3 years) saloon cast is kinda clique-y. I had been wondering if their negativity towards me had to do with that. It's not that I need validation as an actor...I KNOW I am good in this role. Even my supervisor, Julie (who WROTE the show) said it was written for me. It's ideal for me, & I do it very well. But since we have been in rehearsals, a couple of the "old" folks have been subtlely making fun of me. One day while we were running the show, I did a line a certain way....the SAME way I did it last summer. Bob, who was playing Dan, said under his breath, "THAT was an interesting interpretation." I don't need nor appreciate that crap, especially when we're rehearsing & people SHOULD be behaving professionally. When he & I sing the love duet at the end, he scarcely makes eye contact with me. Can't be cause I am ugly to look at. He's good in the role, but he's not all that, so who is he to question how I interpret a line? Especially since he saw me do it many times last summer, & didn't seem to have a problem with it. Then, at one point, I made a joke (which I do frequently). Everyone laughed, & Amy said, "Now THAT was funny!"....as if nothing else I have ever said was. Please. I'm funny...I know I'm funny. If they don't have senses of humor or don't have MY sense of humor, that's their problem. But today, it became kinda clear that it was all about the clique. It really is only those two (which is odd....Bob & I got along fine last summer & seemed to have fun....Amy & I have a bit of tension because I was brought in last summer to do a role SHE wanted to do, & thus she never really got to do it...again with the jealousy). Julie T., who's also been doing it for 3 years, is fine with me. Jeff W. & I get along GREAT. I get along with all the piano players, including one whom no one else likes. I get along fine with Ryella, who's one of the other Dustys (the role I play). I get along really well with Chris (another Dan), fine with Bobo (Robert...another Dan), great with Gina (another Dusty), & fine with Melinda (another Dusty). Today, I started bonding with the two new dancers, Winter & Lauren. Both are really cool girls. Lauren is closer to my age, she's 37, & she's been performing forever. Winter is 21, but she's cute as pie. Both are amazing dancers. Lauren is like a human pretzel, flexibility wise. *jealous* After we did one run-through today, Lauren came up to me & told me that I was "really cute" in this role. Winter agreed. I didn't see them compliment any of the other Dustys all day. And dangit, like I said, I KNOW I am good in this role. Fuck the clique. Most importantly, I know Julie (my supervisor....area manager of entertainment) loves me in the role, & that's good enough for me. I apologized to her for my lack of energy today since I am sick, & she said she forgot that I was sick, & you wouldn't have been able to tell. She said, "I am not worried about you in this role." I was sent off to wardrobe for a final fitting in my purty peach dress, & afterwards, went to Crew's Nest (employee cafeteria). Apparently (obviously), Winter & Lauren had not wanted to go off with the "old" folks, cause I found them sitting alone in Crew's. I sat down with them to eat. I am really liking them so far. My ideal cast for the saloon show this summer would be Jeff or Chris as Dan, me as Dusty, & Winter & Lauren as the Can-Can girls. We did a run through together, & there was good chemistry. Also, Julie, Bob, & Amy TOWER over me, & Lauren & Winter are closer to my height. :-)

Jeff was SOOOO funny during rehearsals today. He was CRACKING everyone up, including Julie, who laughed so hard at one point that she slid to the floor, & was constantly wiping tears away. When I did a run-through with him, it was a hoot. At the end of the show, he is supposed to interrupt us, saying, "What day is it?" We say whatever day it is. He is then supposed to say, "I just remembered something. I can't take you to the barn dance tonight, I have to do inventory." Instead, he said, "I just remembered something....I don't like girls!" (Yes, he's gay.) And then he ran off. *giggle* Later, he was doing the mushy part with Melinda as Dusty, & he turned it into a much longer show with his improvs. He called her his "little lily lotus from China." Near the end, Dan finally asks Dusty to go to the dance with him. The girl playing Dusty said, "Awww, Dan, do you really want to go with me?" And he responsed, "No, but it's in the script." These lines may not sound funny here out of context...but they were funny as Hell for us there today.

So I had an interesting experience at Kragen Auto Parts on Sunday. You may recall that my gas cap was stolen Saturday night. Well, I am minding my own business at Kragen, buying a new cap. The one I originally purchased didn't fit my tank, so I had to exchange it for one that did. There was a substantial difference in price. The clerk asked me if I still wanted it. I said, "Yeah, I have to have it." Some jackass man next to me laughs at me & says, "That'll teach you to leave your gas cap on your roof after you fill up." WTF??? I took it to mean, "Oh, look at the helpless blonde woman who forgot to put her gas cap back on & now has to buy a new one." Like that is the only way to lose a gas cap, & like only women do that. So I look over & say, "No, actually, it was stolen." He says, "Oh yeah," as if he doesn't believe me. So I say, "Yeah, snipped off & stolen." Being ever so helpful again, he says, "You should get one that locks." I hold up the gas cap I just bought, with a lock on it. Do I LOOK as dumb as this man was treating me, or does he assume all women are stupid? He then says, "Well, like my momma used to say, locks only keep out the honest." I say, "Yeah, there's no way to keep them from stealing it if they REALLY want it." Continuing to be helpful, he says, "Well, you can always bring it in the house at night." *sigh* Thank you ever so, sir. Please drive through.

OK.....I love me some Tom Brokaw....but Tom, honey....there's no "R" in Washington. It's not "Warshington." That drives me nutty, & I believe GW Bush does it, too.

I went to an audition yesterday. I didn't get very far. It was for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," & I would have made a really good Sally. But the audition was for Equity actors (which I knew). Usually, they let non-Equity actors audition, too. But they didn't this time. So I left my headshot & resume & went on my way. If I ever saved up some money (yeah, right), I could always join Equity. But it's around $1000, & when I want to do film/TV & not theatre, is that worth it???

You know what I find amusing? SPAM sent to me with something at the bottom that says, "To unsubscribe, click here," when I never subscribed in the first place. Bastards.

You know what I find irritating (among many things, of course)? Coming out to find an advertisement on my door entirely written in Spanish. Excuse me, last time I checked, this was still America. I wouldn't be as offended by something that was in English on one side, & Spanish on the other. But ALL in Spanish? Excuse me? Yes, my neighborhood is predominantly Hispanic. But come on. And what about the people in the neighborhood who speak Chinese? Japanese? That is my point. We need to speak one language....maintaining a native language in ADDITION is fine. But everyone should know English if they live here. Another example is in my aqua aerobics class. The women in there are predominantly foreign, & DON'T speak English. But the teacher TEACHES in English. It's a safety concern. We do this thing were we all go around in a circle, with different variations. We'll go forward, & then she will direct us to go backwards. These foreign women don't understand, & will continue to go forward. People have smacked into each other because of these people not understanding, & there have been many near collisions of an elbow in an eye, in the face, or in the gut. It's not safe. The teacher had to yell at several people to warn them not to run into me today....and it was ONLY the raising of her voice that got their attention.

I have another beef with that class. There are MANY women who don't take it seriously. While the teacher is instructing, & most of us are working really hard in the class, a group of women (a couple of different groups, actually) stand in the back & talk-talk-talk. They really make no effort. They don't give a crap about the class, they just use it as social hour. I don't understand why they don't just go sit in the jacuzzi if all they want to do is socialize. They are getting no benefit from the class, & distract those of us who are trying to. Take the class seriously or don't take it at all. The teacher has to yell at them sometimes to stop talking, when we have new people who are trying to follow. She shouldn't have to do that. You don't go take a yoga class & stand in the back & chit chat. Baaaaad gym etiquette. I also can't stand people walking the track or on a treadmill or lifting weights while talking on their cellphones. Sorry...nothing is THAT important that you can't give up yer phone for an hour while you concentrate on working out. The gym needs to ban them in the weight rooms...and I suspect they eventually will...or at least make a rule where you have to keep it on vibrate. And the people who don't wipe their sweat off machines...that's just skanky.

I make the best damn smoothies! It's a strawberry/banana smoothie mix, with pineapple/banana/orange juice, ice, a whole banana, & scoops of fresh pineapple & papaya. Yum-yum-gimme-some!!!! I promised to make one for chappell when he comes to visit, but he insists he will need more to eat with it. OINK! ;-Þ

Speaking of "oink"...ever had the Pepperidge Farm cookies Brussels??? Ummmm...delicious!

Friggin' A, it's hot in Cali right now. It was around 100 today in the valley, & it's supposed to be the same tomorrow (with my poor doggie sitting outside all day...yes, he has a nice, cool, doghouse)...with it "cooling off" to the mid-90's over the next few days. Sheesh. It's too early to be this hot....but then, I guess not. It's June, after all.

June....I can't believe I will be on a cruise at the end of this month!!!!! Woo-hooo!

Speaking of June, June 1st was my "half birthday." I am now 30 1/2. ;-Þ My mother used to celebrate my half birthday with small presents. No one does that anymore....:-(

5 more days of rehearsal...and we are ready to open today! We were supposed to rehearse til 4:30 today, but around 3:30, Julie said, "I can't watch this show anymore," cause all we had been doing was smooth run-through after smooth run-through. What in the heck are we going to do for the next 5 days of rehearsal??? Sheesh!!!!

I got momentarily excited today. Melinda, Ryella, & Gina are the main Dustys. Since I am from a different work group, I am just a sub. :-( I wish I could do this show 5 days a week! I love it so much, when I get FAMOUS I will go back just to do it! ;-Þ But with only 7 days in a week, & 3 girls available....I doubt I will get many days. Probably just fill in as needed, & who knows how much that will be? I ended up doing it quite a bit last summer, but I'd really like to do it MORE this year. I don't mean it braggingly, but I think I am the best Dusty. It just fits me. Anyway...Gina travels with her family a lot in the summer. She said she is out of town almost all of June & August. That's good news for me. But that still leaves Melinda & Ryella able to cover 7 days. Today, Melinda said she had gotten cast in a show that she really wanted to do, but it would mean she couldn't do the saloon show. My heart skipped a beat. We would both win...she'd get to do a show she really wanted to do, & I'd get guaranteed days in the saloon. But I think she decided to turn it down. Bummer for me.

I finally asked my landlord to get a new A/C in the living room or repair this one (if possible). It ruined my cable box (shorted it out), & I had to pay $200 to repair my mom's big TV, cause it shorted that out, too. The A/C is supposedly only 4 years old, but it pulls too much power. EVERY time the generator turns on, the lights flicker off & on, & the cable box would power off (like a brief power failure), & the TV would jump. Last summer, I had to choose between sitting in the den & watching TV in the heat, or turning on the A/C but not watching TV. If I am in the den, there's nothing to do BUT watch TV...and overnight guests want to be cool AND watch TV. I shouldn't have to make that choice, between being cool or watching TV. He either needs to fix it IF it's fixable, or replace it. They are not THAT expensive....especially with the summer sales. I ask my landlords for very little....I am a great tenant.

There is an actress getting a lot of roles on various TV shows...."Law & Order," "Ally McBeal,"...the movie "As Good as it Gets" (she played Helen Hunt's mother in that)....she reminds me sooooo much of my mother. Spooky.


I think I am done. See what happens when I don't write in a few days & need to play catch-up?!?! *wink*

If you made it this far....I bow to you.

Thursday/Friday are my catch-up days with friend's journals....

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  • (no subject)

    On the movie front, I still have no clue if my scenes will end up in the movie. It was a good AND bad experience, & that's hard to explain. Of…

  • (no subject)

    I had a flu shot today. I figured it would be a good idea, since I have virtually no immune system to speak of. Boy, do I feel crummy, though. They…

  • (no subject)

    Still no clue what I'm going to do. No clue at all.