Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

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*frivilous post*

YAY! I don't like how my hair gets dark blonde on top in the winter. It's all the new stuff growing out. I LOVE the summer when I can spray some lemon juice or Sun In in my hair & lighten the top (I ONLY spray the top, cause the sides are LIGHT blonde already).

So on Sunday, erinbir sprayed Touch of Sun (similar to Sun In) in my hair, since we stand in the sun for work. Even in two half hour sets, the top is so much lighter already. Wooooo-hoooo! I was washing unmentionables in the bathroom sink earlier, & kept staring at the top of my head in the mirror (hey, I wasn't staring at my face or anything). It's sooo pretty when it's lighter on top.

Carry on....
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