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The Nets are catching up, they'd better pull it out. If they get cocky, that will be a mistake!

Sooooo sleepy right now. I am exhausted. I was at rehearsal from 10:45-4:15, & I only did one run-through that whole time. I still have a bad cold, & am still running a temp of around 100. My sinus problems are not THAT severe considering....but fever kinda debilitates me. So I feel really drained.

Heard something absolutely CRAZY today....
There's a woman married to a multi-billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian. He's 84 years old, the wife is 36. Hmmmm....now, while she may very well have married the man for love, that smacks of not being true to me, with that massive age difference. Call me a cynic.

Anyway, they are getting a divorce after 4 years of marriage. They have a 4 year old daughter, but it's come out that Kirk cannot possibly be the little girl's father, because he was infertile. He is claiming that L.A. film producer Stephen Bing is the father (Bing is the same one that Elizabeth Hurley is claiming is the father of HER newborn son....he's denying both). Lisa, the soon to be ex-wife, has the SHEER AUDACITY to ask the courts for $320,000 a MONTH in child support. Yes, you read it right, $320 THOUSAND a MONTH! What does this 4 year old need, a new house every month??? Give me a fucking break! I HATE people like this woman. I believe in alimony. I DEFINITELY believe in child support....you helped make it, you support it. But come on!!!! No human on this Earth needs $320,000 a month. I don't care where you live or what you do or how excessively you spend. We all know I have a spending problem, & $320,000 would last me YEARS! I survived on LESS THAN $17K last year, even WITH my spending. And this isn't even her alimony request, it's JUST child support. There isn't a child on this Earth who needs that much a month, or even a year. And it's just ONE child, not multiple. Come on!!! I am APPALLED by this! What a friggin' money-grubbing bitch. I don't give a CRAP how much money HE has. There is NO WAY that child needs that much money. I would even question $320K a YEAR!!!!! I know kids are expensive, but come on!!!!!! What do you think of this????? Do you think that amount is remotely justified?

There is another divorce case that has my feathers ruffled. NASCAR phenom Jeff Gordon & his wife, Brooke, are getting divorced after 7 years of marriage. No kids. Here's what she's asking (he's worth approx. $47 million): sole use of their 23,095-sq-ft, $9 million home in FL, alimony payments (unspecified amount, but I am sure it ain't small), the Porsche, the Mercedes, use of their Falcon 200 airplane, & she also wants him to keep paying for their housekeepers & chef.

*stares incredulous*

You've got to be kidding me! The house I could believe. ONE car I could believe (she couldn't possibly have need for TWO luxury cars....if she wants another, she can go out & get a damn job). Alimony payments of a FAIR amount, sure. Use of the jet, uh-huh.

She expects to keep the $9 million home AND have him pay to have it cleaned & have her food cooked? Ummmmm....what? I am all for people having housekeepers, cooks, chauffers, trainers, etc.....WHEN they can afford it. Why should her soon-to-be ex pay for her to STAY in luxury? She LIVED in luxury while married to a rich man. Support payments should just be enough for you to survive on, if you didn't work while married (the man brought home all the bacon & you can't exactly run right out & rejoin the work force). My mom got $800 a month. That was IT. That was not enough, but that's all she got. Like I said, I agree with alimony payments in a FAIR amount. But not the maintaining of the "lifestyle she's accustomed to." Guess what? When you get divorced, your life changes. It will not BE what you are accustomed to. You have right to ask for your ex to continue paying for you to be a lazy ass! Git yer ass up & clean your OWN damn $9 million house, or get a job & pay for it yourself! Cook yer own damn food, or make money to pay for a cook yourself! Yes, you should get alimony to survive....but a cook & housekeepers are NOT necessities. No way, no how. Should shouldn't get to stay living in absolute pampered luxury JUST because you were a wife for 7 years. She obviously didn't clean the house or cook for her husband, so she didn't have to do much around the house.

Where do these women---and many like them---get off? How do they figure they earned THAT amount of money in the marriage? I love money, & plan to get married someday. If I got divorced, I would want my husband to pay me enough alimony to get by, the necessities. If we have a nice house, I might ask for the house. I would ask for my car, but in all likelihood, it will be one *I* bought, anyway. But if we HAD a cook, a maid, a trainer, whatever, I highly doubt I would ask the court to make my soon to be ex still pay for those LUXURY items. It just annoys the crud out of me.

Anyone see justification for what these women ask for? I could see it more MAYBE if the husband was unfaithful, etc., but not if you just fell out of love with each other. And even if he DID cheat...does "stuff" make up for that?

I DID have tomorrow off. But I decided to go to rehearsal to make up for taking off Monday. That way, I can make up some of the pay I missed, AND I might get to go on the new roller coaster. We heard they are allowing employees to preview it tomorrow. Woooo-hoooo!!!! LOVE roller coasters! This one goes really high & really fast! SO I hope they let us preview it. I love being a guinea pig! I still have Friday off. I have so much to do for only having one day off...but oh well.

So I thought the guy at work (Bob) mocking me was just in my head. Sometimes, I can be sensitive. But today at rehearsal, my friend Jeff took me out of the room & said, "What did you do to Bob?" I said, "Huh?" And he said, "I figured something nasty must have gone down because he is being a dick to you onstage." AHA. So it wasn't just me. But that makes me feel worse, not better, for being right. :-( I avoid him like the plague, but sometimes I have to run the show with him. He makes me really uncomfortable with the vibe I get from him. He mocks me onstage & makes "catty" remarks. I finally decided to tell my supervisor, Julie. I asked her not to do anything about it yet, but just to observe & see if she notices it. She didn't say much, just kinda took it in. Later, when we were alone for a minute, she brought it up again, & said, "You know, it really deeply pains me that stuff like this happens." She later said she doesn't like people who act too big for their britches, cause we all put our pants on the same way. She intentionally made me do a run-through with him, so she could watch. She said he was either very subtle or she just didn't notice anything. Once, when I am supposed to lean against him, he wiped his arm afterwards. Another time, I smacked my fist on my hand, & he repeated it. She said the main thing SHE noticed is that he didn't make eye contact with me...hey, maybe I intimidate him! Anyway, she said, "I did notice he didn't make eye contact with you, but maybe that's a height thing." (Bob is about 6'2ish & I am 4'11ish). I said, "I have known & dated far too many tall men to know that it's not a height thing." I told her that if it continues, I will confront him (even though I HATE, HATE confrontation). I would say, "You know, can you tell me what I did or said to make you dislike me, because if I said or did something, I would LOVE the chance to make amends." I KNOW for a fact that I didn't do anything to him. Julie suggested it might be because he is good friends with a girl named Tamarin. Tamarin was Dusty last year & the summer before. Last summer, she & a girl named Laura told Julie 3 days before opening that they got a job at Disneyland & wouldn't have very much availability. The show opened on Friday. My friend Aimee was a Can-Can dancer in the show, & suggested me to Julie. Julie called me on Wednesday & asked me to come in & learn the show on Thursday. I learned the ENTIRE show from scratch on Thursday. By Friday morning, I did a run-through---still holding the script though---onstage & was great. Tamarin & Laura didn't like that at all, & suddenly found ways to work out the availability problem. (Although, Tamarin ended up calling me a LOT over the summer to cover her shifts.) According to Julie, Tamarin was NOT happy that I learned the show that fast, & was that good, & was going to replace her. Julie thought Bob might hold something against me for that, since he's friends with Tamarin. I said, "But it wasn't MY fault I learned the show so fast, that's a silly thing to hold against me." Julie said, "Yes, it's childish, but you can't change the way someone behaves." I would hate to think that someone is so much of a sheep that he/she bases their opinions on the opinions of others. How lame. But the odd thing is, Bob & I got along FINE last summer. We got along fine at Xmas, when we rehearsed the Xmas show together. What the heck happened between Xmas & now??? I have hardly seen him since Xmas, just occasionally in the parking lot & I always shout out a friendly hello. He teaches tae-bo at some gyms, & the other day, I asked him for gym advice. He answered my questions & was helpful. I thanked him respectfully. And then all this started. The only thing *I* can figure out is that he treats me this way to entertain Amy. Amy was jealous of my last summer because SHE wanted to do Dusty, even though she was HIRED to be a dancer. Then they brought me in, & she did it for a half a day. She resented me for that. I GET jealousy issues. I think it is DUMB to dislike someone because you are jealous of them, but I GET it. Really, I do. And Amy likes to make fun of me, too, although, she's calmed it down a bit. Amy is somewhere around 20 years old, & she acts like she's 13. Even Julie mentioned how "young" Amy is. Bob adores Amy. They adore each other. They are always giggling together (keep in mind that Bob is in his early to mid-40s). So I am thinking that he does this mocking me thing for Amy's entertainment, & has laid off a bit cause he doesn't really see her laughing as much. I complimented Amy on her run-through as Dusty, & mentioned how good her singing sounds (she's a great dancer....sings well...but her acting is monotone-ish), & I think she genuinely appreciated it. I think she is beginning to realize that I am not the enemy, but maybe I am giving her too much credit. We'll see. Anyway, I told Julie I would deal with it if I had to, but that maybe this is just a rehearsal thing, that maybe he won't do it during an actual performance onstage. Maybe he's just doing it for Amy's entertainment, for laughs, like how Jeff Weeks is friggin' hysterical & makes everyone laugh. And Julie says, "Yeah, but the difference is, Jeff IS funny & makes EVERYONE laugh, while Bob just makes ONE PERSON laugh." HA! I think he will tone down, & think he will be fine on days that Amy is not around. If I have to work with them (& I will), I will just bring a magazine & keep to myself, & do my job. It's great if you can make friends at work, but we are there to do jobs, not socialize. Hopefully, he will be professional enough not to bring his personal feelings out onstage. Hopefully. *cockeyed optimist here* The interesting thing is, I talked to Chris (one of the Dans) & the new dancers today, & all 3 noticed the "old-timers clique." I think I am the only one who observes things, but I am not. Chris was perturbed by it, too, but Lauren & Winter were kinda just like.....whatever. Julie said she would hang out with the "fun group" (me & the newbies), not the "snotty ones." So cool. It's not just me. I don't get why people have to be that way. It's great to maintain old friendships, but it's also great to make new ones. Remember the Girl Scout song that went, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver & the other's gold?" It's true!!!!

Anyway....I am headed to bed soon. I might actually make it to bed around 10:30 tonight! :-)

*update* Lakers won, 99-94.....the Nets fought for it.
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