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Sooooooooo NOT happy! I just saw a flea---the first ever---on my cat, Ernie. I cannot have fleas in this house because Duncan is allergic (so am I). Duncan will nibble on them, digest them, & get worms. When I lived in a house with fleas, I was taking Duncan for de-worming shots once a month. I am pissy about it because my pets don't have fleas. But Ernie spent the day at a grooming place. He very well could have picked up a flea or two there, around the other animals. Grrrrrrr! I can't afford anti-flea stuff like Advantage! *grumble*

But the shaving....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I should laugh at Ernie, but I can't help it. He looks SO funny! He was this HUGE, fluffy cat. Now he is this slender cat with a huge, fluffy face! I can't stop giggling when I see him. I think he is NONE too happy with me, too. He didn't speak to me on the ride home. He's avoided me since we've been home. Duncan keeps meowing & sniffing at Ernie, thinking perhaps I brought home a new cat. Either that, or he's laughing, too. Even Toby was like, "WTF?" It's a VERY drastic change. Maybe I will post some pics eventually. Quite a sight.

Felt good to get a lot accomplished today. I slept til around 10AM. Felt nice. I slept til I slept...and that was as late as I went. I woke up, called a grooming place, & got a 12:30 appointment for Ernie. Yes, it WAS necessary. Ernie's hair is sooo long, he was constantly throwing up furballs, AND my house gets REALLY hot during the summer (I can't afford to run the A/C when I am not home). He is not real thrilled about it right now (maybe a dignity thing), but he will get used to it, & be more comfortable. It's AMAZING how soft his fur is! I keep wanting to pet him, he's so soft now.

After I dropped off Ernie, I headed to Jiffy Lube. I got all kinds of run-arounds there. I had a coupon for $21.99...and didn't notice the fine print stating a few certain locations only. So they tried to tell me I couldn't use the coupon (normally $29.99). I produced a coupon for $19.99 at Econo Lube N Tube, & told them I'd just go there. Conveniently, they had already started on my car, so they decided to honor the coupon. He told me that most things looked okay, but the air filter needed to be replaced, a serpentine belt needed to be replaced (he showed me that it was cracked), & that my transmission fluid needed to be replaced. I couldn't afford all that, so I decided to do it all minus the transmission fluid. Although the fluid is supposed to be pink & mine is brown. But they said that could wait. As it was, I spent $109, when I had only planned (& budgeted) to spend $25. It didn't take long, & I feel sooo much better now. I was WAAAAAAAY overdue on my oil change....like 10,000 miles overdue (so I think it had gone around 13K miles since it's last oil change...and I drive a LOT). Shame on me. But I just got too busy. I feel so relieved that it's done. Then it was off to Target. I needed to get some pc CD-Rs, & Target had some on sale really cheap. I had several CDs I needed to burn (they make great, inexpensive, personal gifts), & these needed to be burned on the pc because they couldn't be burned on my regular CD burner. While I was there, I also got a $2 pair of star tweedle boppers to wear on my head to be an alien at crankyangel's space party!

Next stop? The Salvation Army. I am in desperate need of some shorts for the summer. I don't want to buy any new clothes til I lose some weight, but I have put on enough weight since last summer that my clothes are really uncomfortable, sadly. Some don't fit at all. It's running 90-100 degrees here already, & I am DYING in pants. I HATE wearing shorts because I HATE my legs...but when it gets THIS hot, I have to say fuck what anyone cares about my ugly-ass legs, & just wear shorts. So....not having any money for a new summer wardrobe, I decided to go with used clothes. Hey, a little Tide & they are good as new. Most people who donate clothing aren't skuzzy, anyway. I bought FIVE decent pairs of shorts & a basic black dress for my cruise, ALL for under $17.50!!!! The dress fit me quite well...it's just plain black with thin straps...and it was a bargain at $5.99. It really doesn't even look like it's been worn. If it has, it wasn't worn much. One pair of shorts (brand spankin' new, still had the tags on 'em) was $3.99, one pair of white jean shorts was $2.99, & the other 3 pairs of shorts (one light colored blue jean & 2 khaki cotton) were a STEAL at $1.49 each (they were marked $2.99, but they have a daily discount of 25% off if the merchandise has been in stock over a certain amount of time). Wooo-hooo! New shorts! The light blue jean pair has tears just under the buttcheeks...some might have put them back....*I* kinda like that. A mini peepshow. *grin* No cute tops at the SA, but I have plenty of those, anyway. YAY! Bargain shopper! Now, as soon as I shave my legs, I can wear the shorts (after a good washing, of course).

Then it was on to the grocery store. I have been trying to find a vanilla smoothie mix that crankyangel & I found at a grocery in Redondo. I have checked 4 local groceries....no one carries it. They didn't have it at this grocery, either. *bummed* But I did get some cheese balls on sale for $0.99. :-)

Next, I headed home. I called Joyce's (the groomers) & they said they needed more time with Ernie. So I would just wait at home. I had gotten pretty much everything done that I needed to get done. morbidus was supposed to come over tonight to teach me how to burn CDs on the pc. But I went home, & became determined to not be such a pc dummy. Shore 'nuff, I figgered it out, all on my lonesome. Before I knew it, I was a CD burnin' maniac! I burned the CD my friend Amy lent me, I burned the Sideshow CDs for my friends (10 CDs in all.....2 CD set for 5 different friends), & a CD for my friend sexykitty1. :-) My goodness....this pc CD burning is SWEEEET! It only takes 3 minutes or less to burn an entire CD! That's friggin' amazing! My Pioneer CD burner takes about a half hour to burn a whole CD! I will definitely still use the Pioneer one for burning from cassettes, & making compilation CDs...but from now on, when I am burning whole CDs, I will use the pc! Woot-woot!

So I IMed morbidus & asked him if we could reschedule to just hang out next weekend, since he no longer needed to teach me to use the pc burner. I am still feeling really crummy today. Still some fever, lots 'o sinus problems. He said he had a really hectic week next week, but he would try to make some time for me. I can't wait, cause I haven't seen him in forever!!!!! misskris invited him to crankyangel's party tomorrow night, & he's considering going. I HOPE he does, but I won't hold my breath! I am just wearing my tweedle-boppers & some aluminum foil! I don't see the point in buying a costume I will wear once! Not to mention, I don't have money to do that.

Around 5PM, Joyce's called. Ernie was done. I went to pick him up, & they told me he was the GREATEST cat! He was a pleasure to work with, whereas they had two other cats that day that were from hell! They said Ernie got an A+! Wooo-hooo! I told them that he was my "stoner cat," cause he's so laidback. I think Duncan is actually pretty good with being groomed, too, but Ernie is the best.

RANT: I hate banks. I have Wells Fargo & they suck ass. I deposited my paycheck which was drawn on Canadian funds. This was a week ago....last Friday. They told me they placed a hold on the funds until the 5th (Wed.), to make sure the funds were there. Totally acceptable. I go to check my account today (mainly because I was curious of the amount from my Knott's paycheck), & the $500 paycheck had bounced!!!! WTF?!?!?!? So now I am FLIPPING out. I wrote an $800 check for rent which hadn't cleared yet, not to mention a $150 car insurance check. Not to mention paying for Ernie's grooming & the truck work. I talked to people at Wells Fargo who placed me on hold for 10 minutes. They finally gave me a number to call to speak to the ATM people. I finally got a hold of those people. It turns out that my "bosses" did indeed have the funds. The problem was, for an out of country check, you are supposed to bring it into the branch, not use the ATM for the deposit. Like I knew that! I never go into the branch, I do ALL my banking from the ATM. The thing that gets me is, no one could give me a "customer courtesy" call, telling me about all this? As far as I knew, they were just placing a hold on it. That lead me to believe that the check was going to be cleared. And what damn difference does it make whether it's deposited in the ATM or inside the bank? That's just nuts. I will know for next time....but come on!!!! So they reverted the funds back, & reverted the $27 bounced check charge.
Bastards. *grumble*

I MIGHT hike a mountain with my dear friend Karinn. We haven't seen each other since my birthday in December. I love her more than words. She's such an awesome person. I have been begging her to come visit, but she's really, really busy. She said it would be really good for my spirit to go on this hike with them. I am nervous/scared about a few different things....one, she said it's really high altitude, so you must be in really good cardiovascular shape. I am working on that, going to the gym many times a week. But will I have enough upper body strength to carry a heavy pack? I have ZERO upper body strength, & you really can't develop it fast enough for me to be ready for July. She said I would only have to carry a change of clothes, food, & water. Water is REALLY heavy, though! Also...I am kinda big on hygiene. I love hiking, & I love to camp out in tents....but how do you shower? Do you just go without for a day or two? Ewwwww! I cannot even imagine! I get stinky! I sweat! And I'm a woman....if you know what I mean. I don't like to go even a day without a shower. And hiking, we'd be really sweaty. And what do you do about crapping & peeing??? I have NEVER been the squat & pee kinda girl. And crapping in the woods? Ummmm....no thanks. So I dunno....I really would like to try it. It might be really good for me. But I am scared of the "unknown."

I should get to bed. I have aqua aerobics at 8AM, so I have to be up by 7AM. Na-night.

PS Many thanks to the awesome pair of zippyd & amythyst for the new user icons. :-)
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