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I seriously thought I was gonna have an anxiety attack during the Laker game tonight.

At one point early on, the Lakers had as much as a 14 point lead. Suddenly, the Nets came back, & took the lead, for the first time in the series, 86-80. I think it was at that point that I turned off the TV for the first of about 3 times (I turn the channel in tense moments of TV shows, too). I just couldn't handle it. I couldn't bear the thought of the Lakers losing to an inferior team. The Nets are good...but the Lakers are the best team in the NBA.

But the Lakers fought back, & Horry saved the day again. He shot a basket that brought the Lakers back in front, where they stayed (BARELY) for the rest of the game.

I was jumping out of my seat when the score reached 104-100. Kidd scored a 3 pointer, bringing the score to an even more tense 104-103, with a mere 5.2 seconds left!!!! Holy cow! I thought I would shit my pants!

Then the Nets fouled Rick Fox with 3.5 seconds to go. He made BOTH free throws, bringing the score to 106-103. Kidd launched a 30 footer at the buzzer...but alas, it missed. Lakers won 106-103. *gulp*

That was the most exciting, closest game of the series. Lakers only need one more win to take the championship. The 4th game is Wednesday night in New Jersey.

I got a little irritated with people saying that the Lakers were going to lose some games on purpose to get more money. These are men, they have egos, & these men in particular have HUGE egos. They are not going to lose on purpose! Besides...what if they agreed to lose 2 games to continue the series longer, & then Shaq or Kobe got injured? That would be dumb. Remember the food poisoning Kobe got? Anything is possible. "Throwing" a game would be just plain risky & stupid. And I just can't imagine anyone being that stupid when it comes to a championship. It makes them look sooo much better to make a sweep....and they certainly don't need more money!!!!

*whew* What a close call!!!!!!!
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