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I was reminded of a negative memory tonight.....

I was reminded of the time I went to a really snobby, clique-y junior high (or since it was 9th grade, technically high school, even though 7th-9th grades were at the junior high).

This high school....known to be the snobbiest in the South (LA DJs Mark & Brian made fun of my school), had sororities. Yes...those things that colleges have. Sororities. I wasn't UNpopular, but I wasn't in the popular cliques. I always say that my school had 3 levels of popularity. The top level, a middle level, & the bottom level (the nerds, etc.). I was in the middle level. Some popular kids were really mean to me. Inexplicably, I had representatives from all 4 sororities come & decorate my bedroom in their respective colors. It was craziness. I felt liked. I knew I wouldn't get into Theta Kappa Delta, cause that was the rich girl's sorority. I doubted that I would get into Alpha Theta Delta, cause they were pretty popular. I thought if any would take me, it would be Phi Kappa Nu, cause they were kinda the girls with the "bad girl" reps. I was FAR from a bad girl, but I had that rep anyway (all lies....no kidding). But the only sorority that "rushed" me was Alpha Delta Psi. When they called to rush me, I couldn't imagine turning it down, & they seemed really excited to get me. They came & picked me up & took us freshman to the intiation ceremony (including an ex-friend of mine who also got rushed by ADPsi). It was awful. We had to lay blindfolded on the floor & play "dead bugs"...with our legs & arms held up in the air like a dead cockroach. They took us in, still blindfolded, into a candlelit room one at a time & said really mean things to me. I don't remember what they were, but I am quite sure they regarded the false rumors going around about my sex life (which was literally non-existant at the time). I cried. The next day, we had more initiation. They took us to a field where they poured really nasty mixtures of stuff on us (buckets of piss, spit, ketchup, mustard, mayo, cigarette ashes, etc....any disgusting thing you can think of...my mom almost puked in the car with me on the way home from the stench of me....and I had to take 5 showers to get the smell off), & I had to chase some guy who didn't want to be caught by me.

At the end of that school year, I auditioned for & made it into the Alabama School of Fine Arts. I no longer wished to go to Mtn. Brook with all the snobs, & plus, I was artistic. I wanted to be an actress.

Once, I got a phone call for a "secret council" meeting. I was not to mention it to anyone, & someone would pick me up & take me to the secret location. When I got there (there were 2 other members also brought there), they took me into a room with two upperclassmen sisters & a sorority mother, & told me that they had heard I had been "bragging about my numerous sexual encounters." I was stunned. My defense? "Helllloooooo! I am a virgin! How can I brag about something I have never had???? And besides....no one talks to me at meetings, who would I have bragged to?" (They said they'd let it slide "this time.") I went to sorority dances & everyone ignored me. For a while, I still attended meetings for the sorority. My "sisters" would push & shove each other & fight over who sat next to me on the couch, as if I had cooties (this is 15-18 year olds, people). When someone WOULD finally sit next to me on the couch, it would be a good foot away. No one talked to me. I was there....but not there. I was physically there, but no one paid any attention to me. If they did, it was to shun me. I wasn't really sure why I was invited to join the sorority in the first place. If they didn't want me or didn't like me, why rush me? It was very surreal. Most definitely awkward.

I was reminded of that lovely experience tonight. A wonderful thing to relive.
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