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The lovely, mucho preggers catherine brought up a great discussion point.

I post a story earlier about a man who killed his wife, shot his toddler daughter, killed his nephew, & then fatally shot himself.

The little girl will more than likely survive, & will probably be raised by her grandparents.

When the little girl is old enough to comprehend major stuff (I say comprehend because NO ONE can UNDERSTAND it, ever), should she be told the truth? Should she be told that her father killed her mother, her cousin, himself, & shot her? Or should the truth be withheld?

I am an advocate for the truth, in 99.9% of circumstances. But geez....THIS particular truth could just CRUSH any mental stability a person has. It would seriously mess with someone's mind.

She is, of course, going to want to know how she got the bullet wound in her chest.

Put yourself in the grandparent's shoes...what would your decision be?
If you chose to tell the truth, how would you phrase it to make it go down as easy as possible?

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