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"American Idol"....

I only caught the last half hour, but it was making me pee! It is SO funny!

I loved the girl who was so excited about being chosen, she ran to hug Paula Abdul, & slid under the table. HAHAHAHAHAHA How embarrassing!

One girl who was selected to go to Hollywood made it really far on PopStars...then flaked under pressure at the end. She later made it really far on PopStars2, since they decided---against their better judgment---to give her another chance. She buckled under pressure again. It will be interesting to see how she reacts this time.

Some of the people chosen...if THEY were chosen, dayum, *I* could have made it!!!!

The one girl who sang....ummmm....*struggling to remember mama's words of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"*....she didn't have such a pleasant voice. Simon asked her if she had a vocal teacher. She said she'd had a few lessons.
Simon: Do you take voice lessons?
Girl: Not too many...
Simon: Do you have a lawyer?
Girl: No, I don't have a lawyer. (probably thinking she's about to get offered a contract, poor thing)
Simon: Well, I suggest you get a lawyer & sue your voice teacher.
The smile slid right off the girl's face, & she looked a bit perplexed. Ouch.

The comments made...the facial expressions.....the awful cat screeching.....it made me giggle...a lot. As someone who frequently goes to vocal auditions, none of it was surprising to me. I constantly see people auditioning who can't even carry a tune. You find yourself wondering...."Who told that person they could sing? Their momma?" I see people FULL of confidence who are tone-deaf. And yet I am pretty decent & get really nervous. Go figure.

Funny...funny, I tell ya. Quite the guilty pleasure.
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