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I have to leave for trick-or-treating in a moment. What a disappointment. I have been going every year for I don't know how long. This year, my friends Amy, Cherie, & Alicia were going to go with me. I paged Cherie...the little flake didn't even have the decency to call me back & let me know one way or the other. Amy doesn't have a car these days, so she was unable to get up here. And I called Alicia this morning & she wasn't feeling well. I guess I can't get angry & call her a flake. If she doesn't feel well, she doesn't feel well. Her health is more important than getting candy.

But still....I can't help but feel annoyed.

So I am putting on my Dorothy costume & going over to one house to trick or treat. I know, one house, how odd. But every year, I have gone to the same neighborhood to trick-or-treat. And every year I park in front of my friend Robert's grandmother's house, & go inside to visit with my "grandma." I wouldn't go at all, but she seriously waits for me every year, just to get a picture of me & visit a while. She's old & lives alone. I don't want to disappoint her. I think I have seen the last of the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, so I can go now....I wanted to wait til all the kids had come & gone.

Speaking of that....what greedy little pigs. I had Starburst, Peanut M&Ms, Smarties, & Dubble Bubble. When the kids came, I offered up the whole bowl, so that they could choose which candy they wanted. I always hated it when someone had a bowl full of various stuff, & they handed me something I hated. But these kids stuck their grubby little hands in the bowl, grabbed about 15 pieces of candy & ran off! I even yelled after some of them to put some back & they ignored me. The few adults with them didn't do a damn thing. One little girl felt guilty & brought a few pieces back. One mother walked up & I told her one of the girls with her took too much, & the lady just laughed. Some kids took a huge handful, & had the audacity to come back & take more! Sheesh! I almost ran out of candy with the first two groups of kids! Now...on the one hand, I DO understand that kids are gonna be kids, & kids love candy. If you offer it, they will take it, & as much as they can get away with. But here's the other hand....why didn't the parents stop them? I clearly & loudly announced, "Just take one or two, we have to leave some for the other kids," & the parents did nothing. I even demanded one kid put some back & he ignored me completely...granted, perhaps he didn't speak English (NO, that's not a racist statement, my neighborhood is 99% Hispanic, & ALL these kids were), so maybe he didn't understand me. And the other thing is....I was just raised better than that, so I was shocked. If someone offered a bowl of candy to me when I was a kid, I took one piece, maybe two, & only IF the adult said, "Take a couple more," would I take any more, & then only the "couple" more they offered. I cannot imagine being so rude, even as a KID, to stick my hand in a bowl & grab as much as my hands can carry & run off, AND not even say "thank you." I think maybe 5 out of 30 kids said "Thanks." That's pathetically sad.

Frankly, I am more concerned about the lack of good child-rearing these days than Anthrax or terrorists!

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