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Don't forget the party tonight at crankyangel's. It is an '80s themed party, so you must dress in '80s clothes!!!! Don't be a spoilsport! :-) Fun will be had by all, it always is (even if we're just chillin').

For those who aren't local, crankyangel will probably do a live feed for the party cams on LJ, so you will be able to at least view the party, & "join us" in the chat room. We had a BLAST last time in the chat room (well, *I* did, anyway), with my hommies cypher, chappell, circlek, giddycam, & chatting from the party, me & misskris (did I leave anyone out? sorry!). It was so much fun in there, mostly due to the 3 Stooges comedy stylings of cypher, chappell, & circlek. They play well off each other! So look for a live feed on crankyangel's LJ, there should be a link. If we forget, scroll back a few days in her journal, & there is a link there for LJ users. Fun, fun! I will probably be in the chat room most of the night, unless people drag me (or kick me, as it were) out of the love nest. ;-Þ

While I (hopefully) have the attention of local LJ users, mark your calendars. On Tuesday night, the 25th, we are taking the visiting chappell to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. It's in Redondo Beach, & we will probably meet at crankyangel's house beforehand. We'd love as many local folk to come as possible. And if you've been DYING to meet chappell---and who hasn't?----now's your chance! Not to mention, having yummy seafood. Have you tried their Bananas Foster for dessert? Oh my....what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, chappell. *wink* It shall be lots of fun, so try to make it if you can. Probably 7:30-8ish?? And karaoke afterwards! chappell has even said he'd sing! Now there's something you don't want to miss! I will post about this closer to the date, but mark your calendars for this MUST SEE event now!!!!

Last night's outdoor performance of "The New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" was a massive joke that I do not nearly have the time to post right now. Let's just say that it was a lot of laughs for the cast as thing after thing went wrong (including me fucking up a few lines, being so flustered by everything happening), but the audience genuinely still seemed to love it. There was a LOT of laughter, tons of applause, audience participation (always fun)...and hey, they certainly got their $2 worth! :-) More on that when I have time.

I cannot begin to thank you, my friends, for all the good vibes, positive energy, prayers, & love that you all sent me for that audition yesterday. Having a pretty unsupportive family, it truly, truly means a lot. It really does. I do not think, however, that I did all that well. I mean, I felt okay about it, but not great. I did it one way the first taping...and then Tommy gave me some direction on how Garry wanted it done, so I did it THAT way the second time. At the least, it shows I take direction well! As an actor, you are supposed to make a solid choice...and if the director or casting director doesn't like your choice, they can always ask you to do it their way. I think my problem (which is a HUGE problem) is that I don't audition as good as I am. I am a good actor, particularly with comedy & bitchy roles, but I don't audition well. There's a whole different energy when there is someone reading 4 other parts, & reading poorly. You can't feed off the energy you would if the other 4 talented actors were there, too. I need to get past that. But I did my best, & if it's meant to be, it shall...and if it isn't, it shant. But thanks again soooo much for all the great thoughts, & hopefully, I will need much more of that in the future! :-)
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