Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Halloween thoughts

Soooooo tired......I stayed up til 3AM last night enthralled with the TV. Since I had rehearsals & wasn't home at nights, I video taped lots of TV shows, & was watching some really good ones last night. But I had to wake up at 8AM, & that wasn't NEARLY enough sleep for me. I was okay earlier, but now it's catching up to me.

So I went over to "Grandma's" house.....she was surprised to see me....since I am usually there earlier, she had given up on me. But she was very pleased. She had her camera ready for me, & took the yearly Halloween picture, & gave me some candy. Then we just sat & talked for a while. I don't think she gets TOO many visits. She is 83, & a sweet little old lady. I had to smile when she was talking about the "coloreds" that used to come around.....had to smile because you can't teach an old dog new tricks. At least "coloreds" is better terminology than some of MY family uses! When I got up to leave, she sweetly & sincerely thanked me for spending some time talking to her, & we made our vows to see each other again next Halloween. I gave her a big hug, & she stood on the porch until I safely drove away. Some people would think I am nuts for getting in a costume, doing my hair, & going out JUST to go to one person's house....but I am so glad that I did.

I had an unbelievable experience today. I have heard of it happening....but it's never happened to me. I went to the 99 cent store today to get Halloween candy. The parking lot was full. As I passed a spot, I noticed a car behind me pulling out. So I backed up to take it, put my blinker on, & the second the woman pulled out, this asshole punk kid pulled around cars from the other direction & took the spot. I honked & he paused....then continued to park. I rolled my window down & calmly yelled out, "You're a fucking prick!" He just smirked & walked inside. After driving around a couple times & still not finding any spots, I finally parked out on the street in an open spot. As I was walking to the store, Mr. Prick walks out to go to his car. He's walking fast to avoid me & as I catch up to him, I said, "You're lucky I have a conscience, or your car would be keyed right now." He just smirked again.

How can such people exist? Were these people raised by wolves? What kind of people do such things? How could anyone be so fucking rude? I mean, honestly? I am just truly, truly shocked when I encounter such behavior....and it AGAIN makes me feel blessed & proud for the person I am.

All I can say is this.....karma is a bitch.

On the good news side.....I am soooo excited! I FINALLY got my CD burner set up to burn from cassette!!!!! I have had the CD burner for probably close to a year, & couldn't figure out how to set the dang thing up to burn from cassette to CD. Turns out I didn't have the right equipment, but I got my hands on a tape deck, & my friend, Curtis---a tech wizard---set it all up for me. I am so thrilled because I do NOT have the money to run out & get all the tapes I have on CD. I have tons of tapes, because I was a bit slow turning over to CDs. So now I don't have to buy the CDs, I can just pick my fave songs from the tapes & burn them to CD. I couldn't be happier! It's a long process, doing it by analog, but hey.....I'll be saving lots of money. The only money I will have to spend is on blank CDs, & they have sales on those pretty frequently. And since I am broke right now, I won't really be able to buy any, but I am not in any hurry....just so glad I finally have the ability to do it. I have so many great tapes! It was so nice of Curtis to drive all the way up here to help me, & it only took him a short time to get everything set up. And my cats adored him! :-)

What a sad night tonight...."Grandma" told me that she had about 2 trick-or-treaters. I just think that parents who kept their kids home did the wrong thing. Halloween is not an evil holiday...it's fun. That's all it is. And heck, for the kids, ALL it's about is fun costumes & yummy candy....it has nothing to do with evil at all. I think it was evil of parents to strip their kids of the fun (unless they NEVER take their kids trick or treating, which is a whole other rant). That is EXACTLY what the terrorists wanted....for our lives to be disrupted. For our fun to end. For us to sit home & worry. For us to feel fear. And what a shame that so many parents gave into that fear.

Shit....I am watching the news, & they were showing footage of the West Hollywood parade.....it's a HUGE costume gathering EVERY Halloween, they say it's the largest in the country. It seems to be mostly gay people, but not entirely. I could SWEAR I just saw my friend Robert dressed up in a pink tutu, as a ballerina.....and ironically, Robert is "Grandma's" grandson! And he's a big 'ole queen! :-)

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