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The good news is, they seemed to like me on the set, & tentatively need me back on Thur. & Fri. of this week, & Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur. of next week. The bad news is that they tentatively need me Fri. of this week, & Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur. of next week. *sigh*

Friday I was supposed to see a show. I guess I still could if we got out early enough (which is possible, since it's the weekend), but tonight we got released at 10PM. I was also supposed to have lunch with Garry Marshall on Friday.

Monday, I am scheduled to work at Knott's, & would either have to fill my shift (next to impossible) or call in personal (I HATE to call in), cause I would make more money on this movie ($125/8) than at Knott's ($13/hr for 7 hours). Also, Monday night, we are supposed to all go to Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate chappell's arrival in CA. I would be MAJOR, MAJORLY bummed to miss out on that. Chappell, great shrimp, & bananas foster....who would want to miss that trio??? They told me tonight that Monday's call times are usually really early (7AMish), & if the kid is called in around that same time, I could still make it to dinner on time (legally, a minor can only work so many hours...I THINK 8, MAYBE 10). So I am crossing my fingers on that one.

Tuesday, I was supposed to take Chappell to Hollywood for the day. That won't happen, more than likely. I am going to ask if Chappell can come to the set with me for the day, but I don't know if he would even want to do that...much less if they will let me. We'll see. I want to work with them a little more before I ask. Chappell might have a lot more fun hanging out with mr_dark, misskris, narrowminded, & justj!!! Maybe they could show him a good time. I want him to enjoy his trip, even if it can't be with me.

Wednesday, I was going to go with chappell & my izzicam to meet my peeing friend, giddycam, in Del Mar for the fair. That sounded like so much fun. And now it looks like I will miss that, too. And Chappell would be getting back from that really late, so we wouldn't have much time to see each other that day/night. And then Thursday, it looks like I will be back on the set. And that's the day he leaves. *pout*

What amazingly lousy timing!!! I soooooo badly need this money. I am desperate, in fact. I am horribly behind on bills. I don't know if I will make my rent. So I would have to be nuts to not accept the work. But I really wanted to thoroughly clean my house, & really, REALLY wanted to spend time with my big bro. *sigh*

As for my day....

Queen Latifah is awesome. She is friendly & kind to everyone. She came into the commisary with everyone else at lunch, & I went up & asked her if she remembered me (calling her Dana, her real name). She said, "Remind me." So I said, "Who's got my golden arm?" That was a line from the episode of "Living Single" that I worked on with her. She freaked out! She totally knew exactly what I was talking about, & laughed & laughed (for about 5 minutes, & would giggle every time she saw me), & asked me what I had been up to. She's a great person. Fun, funny, kind. And hell yeah, big & beautiful! She's a big girl....I like that! Let's have more of those in Hollywood, please! Maybe there's hope for me yet! :-)

Steve Martin....I was a bit disappointed with him. It's not that he was a jerk (HA) or anything. Cause he wasn't. He just wasn't really approachable or terribly friendly, & KC (Queen's stand-in, who's worked the entire movie since April) says he's not all that nice. He has his days. He also isn't as handsome in person as he seems on film. He has a really big nose. He's still pretty funny, though.

The crew was really nice. I recognized Angus' teacher (Angus is the little boy I am standing in for...and he's about 10 inches shorter than I am!!!), John. He was a teacher on "Princess Diaries." I recognized another crew member, the asst. key grip, or whatever he is. He looked SO familiar, but I couldn't place it. No big deal, I have worked on tons of movies & TV shows by now. After lunch, he was standing next to me, & I said, "I know you from somewhere." He agreed that I looked really familiar, too. I asked him if he had worked on any Garry Marshall movies. He worked on "Frankie & Johnny," but I didn't. We said we'd figure it out. Later, he walked up to me & said, "Addams Family Values!" Yep, that was it. I was Pugsly's stand-in for that entire movie. I can't believe he remembered, that was SO long ago! His name is Mike, & he's REALLY hot. I looked for a wedding ring, & there wasn't one (he's older...I would guess late 30s, early 40s)....not that THAT means much these days. I just stared at him all day, he's so handsome. He chatted with me off & on during the day, but he is that type who REALLY concentrates on his work. KC said she was going to get the "status" on him tomorrow. :-) I sure wish it was easier to tell when someone's interested in you! Sheesh!

All the other crew people were really nice. It was a nice set to work on. :-)

They don't need me tomorrow....so I have one day to clean at LEAST the living room. YAY!

That's all, folks....goodnight.
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