Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

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I pulled a long piece of dental floss (hanging by the end, didn't pull the whole piece) out of my cat's ass this morning.

Jealous? ;-Þ

WHY does my cat, Duncan, eat minty dental floss? Ernie doesn't touch it. I try to keep it out of the way so that Duncan can't reach it. Don't know how he got a hold of this piece. It had turned a lovely shade of yellow, & it left a trail of poop on the litter box. Yum.

Last Easter, he ate a piece of Easter grass. I knew better than to pull that out, since Easter grass has sharp edges. You would just touch it & he'd meow in pain. You'd think he'd learn a lesson. I didn't bring any Easter grass into the house this year.

Good thing this dental floss was Easy Glide.

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