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OK, yeah....I'm irked.

I was told by the casting director that I was working Tuesday for sure, & then off & on---but pretty solidly--from then until the end of the shoot (July 3rd...though I told her I was only available through the 27th). She told me that she put me "on hold" with my extra agency, meaning that even on days "In the Houze" DOESN'T use me, the agency can't book me on anything else, just in case "In the Houze" DOES end up needing me, & also in case another "long term" job pops up.

On the set on Tuesday, they told me that they would NOT need me on Wednesday, but would more than likely need me today & tomorrow, & ALL next week (as you know, throwing a wrench into my plans with my darling brother).

Well....I received no phone call to work today. And here I sit after midnight with no phone call to work tomorrow (Friday). So...no work on Wed., Thur., or Friday. I was not surprised about Thursday, because as *I* read the call sheet, Angus (the little boy I am standing in for) only had a rehearsal, he was NOT shooting anything. I wouldn't have had to be there for a rehearsal. But I am surprised about tomorrow (Fri.).

The shitty thing is, I could have called in & gotten other work for today & tomorrow. Yes, I truly needed to clean my house, but I also REALLY need the money. Desperately. But they have me "on hold" for this production. What's up with that? I am calling the agency tomorrow & see how this works. I would assume they will call me for work all next week (the week I would have LIKED to have had off, to spend with my brother), but who's to say? Maybe the shoot changed....that happens.

I'm just a bit frustrated about it.

Looking at the positive side of it...my living room looks much better, & will look really good (well, not behind the couch or by the back door, but the main part of the living room) by the end of tomorrow. I have to straighten up the hallway (everything from the living room that is supposed to go into the bedrooms gets thrown into the hallway), straighten the bathroom (which actually looks really good), & straighten the kitchen (not much to do there), & I am ready for my bro's visit. Is it a NEAT house by most people's standards? Heavens, no. There's too much clutter. But it's certainly passable. You can see the floor & see the couch...THAT is clean for me. :-)

Also, more plus side....I get to go see my friend's show tomorrow night, "Simply Sondheim." 3 very good friends are in it, & they were really excited to have me come see it. If I had had to work on the set, I don't know if I would have gotten out in time to go see it. Saturday night, I am expected over at crankyangel's for a party (don't want to miss dirty dice!!!), & for their Sunday matinee...well, I work on Sundays. So I would have missed the show.

I ask for two things....IF I work next week, to get out early on Monday in order to make it to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, & to have Tuesday off OR get out early, so that I can take my bro to Hollywood. *crossing fingers*

Everything happens for a reason....everything happens for a reason....everything happens for a reason.....


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