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Someone just did something so cool for me! I am so grateful, & so CURIOUS as to who did it. Whomever they are, they sure are a kind & giving soul! Post after post, I complain about my money situation....and this person did something really nice for me, by getting me a paid account. A gift of $25 may not seem like much to some....but it means a LOT to me. It's totally the thought that counts, & this person is pretty amazing....and to do it anonymously, too....to not take any credit for it. Even more amazing. My friend Flameprincess (I have no idea how to include names as little links!) was going to pay me up...but didn't get a chance...and it was SO nice of her even to offer! And I have many other friends who would have done it in a heartbeat had they been able to....I sure have some pretty awesome friends...and apparently, there are some pretty awesome strangers around here, too! :-) (Or a friend who didn't want credit!)

So I am talking to this guy online....he seems really cool & he's definitely handsome, but I think he's getting too excited about things. I mean, he lives in Chicago, & I am adamantly against long distance relationships. I refuse to have one. I am curious how he would suggest we overcome that obstacle...but it's pretty lame to worry about that at this point. We haven't even met in person yet, & that makes a BIG difference. His name is Sammy....and we'll just see. He is coming out here at the end of the month, & we will meet then.

I have a show tonight. I haven't felt that great. I am lucky, though, that I did not wake up feeling too shitty today. I had a fever of 100.2 last night, & that's definitely quite the temp for me. I think it might be just lack of proper rest/sleep. I slept late today, although I woke up around 7:30, paranoid that I'd heard the phone ring with a work call! Crazy!

Still no rent money...hey, Mr. Anonymous Donor, wanna pay my rent, too? Kidding. Sort of. LOL....:-)

I just sent an email to another friend asking for money....my last hope. But I have no idea what his financial situation is. The worst he can do is say no.

According to my director, we got two really good reviews in the paper for my show....a good one in the Tolucan Times & some other paper. How great is that? I knew we had a great show. I wish more people would come see it.

A man said I was beautiful yesterday. That is so weird for me. I don't think I will ever hear that & believe it. Cute, yeah....beautiful? Hardly! And especially lately, since I have been feeling so fat! He worked behind the counter of the little coffee place in the building where I worked yesterday. I asked him if he could make me a turkey & cheese sandwhich, & he said, "For you, pretty lady...anything!" He asked me where I was from, & I said "here." He asked what my background was, I said, "English/Irish/Scottish, with a little German." And he said, "Ah, I see the Irish. I thought maybe Polish or Russian." I asked him where he was from (he had a thick accent), & he said, "Russia." So I asked him if Russian girls looked like me, & he said, "Oh, yes...blonde." He asked me if it was my first day there, & I explained that I was just a temp. He asked me what I normally did, & I said just temp when I can, & explained that I was an actress. He said, "Well, you are beautiful, I am sure you make a great actress," which made me smile, as if looks are corrolated with talent. As I was leaving he said, "God bless you....and good luck." What a nice man.

I chastised a friend of mine the other day for not handling compliments very well. When truly, I am no better. When good-looking men think I am "hot" or "gorgeous" or "stunning" or "stunningly beautiful" or "beautiful" or "so pretty".....I don't quite know how to handle it, cause that's not the self-image I have. Yes....I think I am CUTE....but no more. And my body is seriously lacking in the remotely attractive arena these days. So it's weird to hear such things....

Thank you again, mysterious benefactor! :-)

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