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If anyone is remotely curious as to why I locked a post that was previously unlocked (you know who you are)....yes, I live my life honestly & have nothing to hide. However, I have honestly grown weary of people claiming to be friends flaming me for being so honest in my journal. I know some of you know how that feels. As someone pointed out the other day, stress makes me sick. So I try to cut the stress where I can. I should have locked it in the first place, in retrospect. That would have been wise. But I do realize there are "lackies" & locked stuff has a way of getting "leaked," & this particular person did a post about how it's possible to read locked entries...so I figured, what's the point? But while this person may be smart enough to break in, other idiots are not that smart...so this lock was done to keep THEM out...not the person it's about. Last thing I need is that loser knowing my business (important biz, anyway).

I didn't set out to hurt anyone. I was removed. I posted about my feelings on it, as people frequently do when stuff like this goes down. My intention in posting wasn't to hurt anyone or ire anyone...it was to get things off my chest. That IS what a journal is for. If someone's feelings are hurt (don't you have to care about them to be hurt by them....honestly?), for that, I apologize.

And those who think I am interested in playing games....sure I am. Taboo, Scattergories, Guesstures, charades, Life, Maniac, etc. But internet games? No, sorry, not interested. If me being honest CAUSES drama (such as saying I agree with Southwest Airlines) then so be it. I will not sit on my opinions to prevent drama. Opinions are like assholes....everyone has one, & you usually don't want to see others. But I will say what I need & want to say. If it causes drama, it wasn't intentional, & I will deal with it if it happens. But set out INTENTIONALLY to cause drama or hurt someone's feelings? Nope. Not my style. Sorry. Drive through.

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