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Pardon the foul language, but....


My very expensive Oreck-can-pick-up-everything vacumn just died. Not cool. I am still in the process of straightening my house for [Unknown LJ tag]'s visit, & I still need to vacumn the hall AND the pc room. Unbelievable. I mean, it's FRIED. It started smoking & everything. A horrible smell was emitted. I don't even know what did it. A paper clip, maybe? I am usually pretty careful to check for big things before vacumning. Whatever it was, PLEASE don't tell me the motor is broken! I cannot even afford to fix such a costly thing, or even replace it with a cheaper vacumn, much less buy a new Oreck. It's not brand spanking new, but it's fairly new, & I hardly ever use it. Son of a bitch. God, the smell is awful! And the smoke made me nervous. I might try to drop it off at Oreck on Saturday. Find out the bad news. *sigh*

That means I have to vacumn with my tiny Shark. Oh joy.
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