Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

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*huge sigh*

What a God-awful long day of traveling. I actually REALLY lucked out on most of my flights (I had 3 today). I got REALLY lucky.

Wanted to let ya'll know that I was home, safe & sound. Exhausted, but safe. I need a vacation from my vacation. Some people rest on vacation...not me. *sigh*

A full report (perhaps with some pictures?) will more than likely come tomorrow. I am going to sleep in forever, but I will try to type out my adventures tomorrow. It will probably be on a lock, friends only. Expect a VERY long entry (no one said ya had to read it). I am posting it for myself, to recollect the events, so trust me, I don't expect anyone to follow it. I just took notes today on a napkin while on the plane, & THAT alone took 3 napkins! ;-Þ


I miss my South African honey already. I logged on & had an email from him already. :-) The universe is cruel sometimes....
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