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*relieved sigh*

I think that the drama is finally over.

I made my piece....and made my peace. I feel better about that. One person I was spatting with meant a lot to me once. It hurt me that there was negativity between us. She'd always been there for me. We mutually decided that we no longer have anything to offer each other, & both calmed down & decided to walk away on a positive note. Thank God for that, cause I harbor no negativity towards her. I was very hurt & angry. So was she. We said a lot of things. But thankfully we calmed down & said a polite, albeit a little sad, goodbye. I am very pleased that we could end things on a more positive note, cause she means a lot to me.

The others? Well....I continue to be stunned by the behavior of one. I never thought I would see her behave the way she is. It's an ugly, ugly side that I never knew existed. Never knew? Heck, I never imagined it possible. The other? Well, I was not surprised when we broke apart. The final one? I never really considered her a "friend" anyway, & boy, am I better off without HER negativity in my life. As I have said many times, my life is plenty negative enough on its own without needing to ADD outside negativity.

But enough of it. I hate confrontation...will get into it when pushed...and then it gets really boring. I am glad to be done with it. If I don't read anything else about myself, I truly will be done with it. No, I don't have to have the last word...but as long as lies are told, I will defend myself.


I got a lot accomplished today. Woke up fairly early (for a day off...10AM), & headed off to Target & the grocery store. Got a pet clipper so that I can shave Ernie without having to pay $50 to have it done....but like I have any clue how to do it! I guess I will learn. I also got me a mustache clipper....I'll let you use your imagination to figure out what that is for, since I don't have a mustache.

My grocery store sucks. There is so much that they don't have. But it's so convenient. I took something to the manager that I want them to carry. It's a vanilla smoothie mix. All the smoothie mixes you can buy at the grocery stores right now are fruit flavored. This one is vanilla, & crankyangel & I found it at a grocery store in Redondo, in the coffee section. It's really yummy. She said she may not be able to carry it on the shelves, but she can order me a case...and I commented that it might be something that might sell well. She said that it was actually something SHE would be interested in, so she'd see what she could do.

I need to post the second half of my trip....:-)

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