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Naturally, I have some thoughts on that recent case of "cop abuse."

It's impossible for the public to know the full story, on both sides. But I am going to base my thoughts on what I *think* I know.

First of all, I read this today, which I found interesting. Of course, I realize that the cop is going to have a defense. Frankly, though, I tend to believe it.

(Morse is the "abusive" cop) "Barnett said that Morse lifted Jackson from the ground and heaved him onto the car because the teen had let his legs go limp in an effort to resist.

''After his hands were cuffed, Jackson was able to reach out and grab my client's testicles,'' he said. ''And on that occasion the punch was seen in order to make that activity cease.''"

If that's true, that certainly makes the punch understandable. Not "right," but understandable. People at the scene said that the boy DID resist, which would explain lifting the boy & slamming him against the car, if he did, indeed, make his legs go limp to resist arrest. He did look like a rag doll, which usually doesn't happen if your legs are rigid.

First of all, it's a damn shame the kid was black, cause I think the exact same things would have happened had he been white, but because he's black & the cop is white, this is getting the kind of attention it is. That's a shame. It doesn't strike me as a racial issue, but it's being made out to be that. Black community leaders are all up in arms. I doubt this cop would work in Inglewood if he hated blacks. I also doubt he would find beating up a black kid worth losing his job & reputation. But that's just my opinion.

The other thing is this...it basically comes down to me placing the blame on the kid's father. If, indeed, the kid is mentally retarded (or "slow," whatever their claim is), the father was irresponsible in not telling the cops that. I saw the kid on TV. You CANNOT tell by looking at him that he's "special." He looks like a normal teen to me. I am sure that is what the cops assumed, too. According to the cops, the kid stared them down, ignored all their demands that he get into the squad car, etc. Then he lunged at them. The cops had NO way of knowing that he was "special," hard of hearing, vision impaired, & all the other things the family claims. How were they to know that this kid wasn't just a cop hater, that he was not just intentionally disobeying them, & that he wasn't violent? How were they to know? The father should have immediately told them, when he was separated from his boy. He plays a HUGE part in what happened here. If your child is "special," you cannot leave him alone for a MINUTE. You cannot predict what mentally retarded people will do. Obviously. They need constant supervision. As far as the cops knew, he was just a violent cop-hater. He DID attack the cops. Morse was bleeding from his ear. There was a scuffle on the ground. When he picked the kid up & slammed him against the car, it could very well be because the kid made his legs limp to resist. And it could very well be the case that the kid grabbed Morse's testicles while handcuffed. We don't know. But I tend to believe law enforcement over lying, looking for money & attention citizens, anyday. If this was just an issue of justice for a legitimate wrong (like the kid DIDN'T attack the cops...he DIDN'T resist...he DIDN'T grab the cop's balls, etc.), then they would ask for the cop to lose his job, & enough money to cover whatever (if any) medical expenses. But of course, you know they are asking for tons of money. For what? The kid has a black eye...and if he DID attack, DID resist, & DID grab the family jewels...they cop was not out of line.

I find it ironic that the guy who videotaped it just got arrested. He wanted his 15 seconds of fame...and that "fame" got him arrested. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Next time, maybe you should mind your own business & let the cops deal with theirs.

Hopefully, the truth will come out in all this. But my gut tells me these people are just out for fame & money. As if being a cop isn't hard enough.
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