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Cruise journal, part two

Part two of my cruise,

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Alan was on the gangway, taking pictures. I walked down with my uncle to scope things out, but hung out with Alan & his co-worker, Chantal, for a bit. I kept expecting Alan to be uncomfortable with me hanging around him while he worked, but he never was. He always seemed really happy to see me. Eventually, the fam followed us out. Bobby had gotten two taxis to take us to Cavendish for $40 each. Momme Dot thought he meant $40 an hour. She was complaining when we saw some woman standing there greeting people. The lady---a stranger, obviously---said, "Welcome, how are you," just to be polite. MD beelined to her, took note of her name on her nametag (she drove some sort of tourbus), & said, "Horrible. I'm just horrible, Jean. Let me tell you why." Yadda, yadda, yadda. I was so embarrassed, I walked away. Katie said, "Do you want to switch rooms?" I said no thanks. Poor Jean...she called her supervisor to find out if she could give us a cheaper ride. I think he/she said no. Bobby explained to MD that it wasn't as bad as she thought, & then kinda roughly chastised her. He told her that if SHE wanted to make the arrangements, then next time, SHE should make them. Otherwise, stay out of it. I felt a little bad, but sometimes you have to talk to her that way, & he IS her son...so it wasn't my business. Kids talk roughly to their parents sometimes, & vice versa. Anyway, me, Katie, Sara, & Kathy jumped in one taxi with a really cool driver, & the rest went in the other taxi. We drove out to Cavendish, which was probably a 45 minute drive. The area was so pretty. Our driver told us that this one beautiful house we saw & huge amounts of land probably cost $70K. Sheesh. It would be lovely for a summer home. We went to kayak...but when we got there, the kayaking place was booked up until 3PM, & we had to be back on board at 2:30PM for a 3PM sail. Bummer. Katie & I had really wanted to kayak. We all jumped back in the taxis, & decided to drive a bit. At some point, we decided to go check out the Anne of Green Gables house. Then we turned around at Avonlea, which is where they film some Disney Channel show by the same name (never heard of it). Apparently, Katie watched the show, & she started freaking out. It was the most emotion she showed the whole trip. We had to stop while she got out & took a few pictures there. Then we met back up with Bobby's taxi, & we all decided to drive through the national park (not much to it, but lovely). We stopped for some pictures at one point, & decided to split up. Our taxi---Katie, Neill, me, & Kathy were going to go to the main shopping center back in town (a short walk from the ship), & the other taxi was going back to the ship. Kathy & I needed to get some make-up, cause I just couldn't let her wear that frosty shit anymore. She just takes out this silver frosted eye shadow, drags a line of it over her lid, & goes. I don't think anyone has to wear make-up at all...but if you are going to wear it, please do it right! She's too shiney to get away with frosted eye shadow...and everyone needs mascara if you wear eye shadow. And she definitely needed powder. I have a VERY oily complexion, but she's even worse than I am! We were sure we'd find make-up at the mall...and then we wanted to check out the Cow store. On the way there, I had finished off an entire big bottle of water...and suddenly had to pee like a race horse. We had those little two way radio thingys that allowed us to talk to the other taxi. I told them we were gonna have to stop at a gas station, or my eyeballs were gonna float away. We stopped...and their "wash room" was OUT OF ORDER! D'OH! So we left them, & went to another station....YAY! I got to pee. Yeehaa. I was DYING! That's the worst pain. Then we went to the mall. I tried to call Bobby over the radio, cause I wanted him to remind MD that she had to contact the hotel manager to get permission for Alan to dine with us that evening. I thought she might forget. I finally got him over the radio, & asked him where he was. He said he was sitting on the corner, watching us drive up. I guess he got out at the mall, & the taxi took the others back to the ship. We all went into the mall, where Katie, Neill, & Bobby went off together, & Kathy & I ventured off on our own. We went into the Body Shop, where she got an eyeshadow to use as liner, some brushes, & powder. It was all 50% off. We then went into a drug store, & got some other eyeshadows, more brushes (you never apply eyeshadow with the wands they come with, unless you are desperate), & some lipstick. Then we went & got smoothies. I had to go to the bathroom AGAIN by that point (why doesn't all the water you drink come out at the same time?). Kathy bought a cute hat, I deliberated over some cute hats, bought crankyangel a "pressie," & then Kathy had to call Chad again (she called him EVERY opportunity she got, including from the ship when she had reception on her cellphone). I went back to the drug store to see if I could find any matte purple or green shadows for her (I didn't...almost everything is frost these days). She finally got off the phone, & we headed to the ship. We ran into Rusty, the cruise director. We chatted a bit. On our way to the ship, we found the Cow shop. They had some of the cutest stuff we had ever seen. REALLY cute shirts (I think you can check out http://www.cows.ca). I wanted to get back in enough time to see if Alan could have lunch with me off the boat. We headed back to the ship, & suddenly, I look up, & Alan is standing in front of us, casually leaning up against a post, watching me. I was so surprised to see him there. He asked us if we had had lunch yet. I told him we hadn't. We decided to go to a little pub around the corner. I slid into one side of the booth, & he slid in next to me. :-) Kathy sat on the other side...obviously, or it would have been really crowded. We had a nice little lunch. He showed me his Pocketmail thing. I wanted to hold his hand, but I still wasn't sure if he liked me, or just thought of me as a cool new friend. He sat awfully close to me, though. :-) The 3 of us walked back to the ship (after Kathy had called Chad AGAIN). Alan took a picture of me on a Charlottetown sign (what's the point of hanging out with a photographer if I don't take advantage of his skills?). We passed Krass on the way back. Alan had to go to work, & Kathy, Sara, & I decided to take Krass's "Bums & Tums" class. The ship was supposed to pass under a huge bridge. I stood up front on the ship for a long time, waiting to see it. Wouldn't you know it, we passed under it in the middle of the class. From the window, it looked like we barely cleared it. Sara, who had run outside to see it, said the teenagers on the top were screaming, cause the bridge came so close to the top of the smokestacks. Krass's class was awful. He was just a bad instructor. It might be the language thing...his accent was really thick (he was from Bulgaria, I think). After the class, Krass was explaining to some woman about this stress capsule they have. You sit inside it, & it's supposed to be really relaxing. I asked him if he thought it was really worth the money. I told him I stress a lot. He said it was good, & reached over & rubbed my shoulders, commenting that I DID have a lot of tension. I told him I wanted to get a massage, but that they are SO expensive on the ship. He casually offered to give me a massage. He said he'd call me in my room between 7-8. When I got to my room, there was a vague message from Alan on our voice mail (he wasn't sure if the ship kept tabs on crew calling passenger cabins). He said he had been given permission to eat with us, & that he had spoken to Momme Dot (the front office wasn't sure what MD wanted, so they had Alan call her to clarify...he thought he was in trouble!). You have to understand, staff (other than officers & maybe assorted staff like cruise director) never get to dine in the passenger area. It's almost unheard of. It just doesn't happen. Momme Dot, bless her heart, had to write a letter, talk to the hotel manager, who talked to Alan's manager, etc. It was a big deal. But it was approved. I was very excited. Krass called & asked me to meet him in the spa at midnight. Being the somewhat naive person I am, I didn't think much of the fact that the spa was closed at that time, & he was asking me to sneak in the back way. We went to dinner, & Alan showed up a few minutes later. He sat between me & MD, & she just monopolized him all night. She kept putting her hand on his arm, & never stopped talking to him. Well, maybe once, when Katie told her to leave him alone & let him eat. At one point, I heard her mention my cousin Sandy, & I just wanted to be involved in their conversation, so I leaned over & said, "Are you talking about Sandy?" He turned to me, & with a decided twinkle in his eye, said, "Are you being nosy?" I said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you & your date!" ;-Þ Alan was like a kid in a candy store with the menu. He had never gotten such fancy choices. He couldn't decide what he wanted. The wait staff seemed excited to see "one of their own" eating with the passengers. Momme Dot was completely charmed by Alan, & the rest of the family was grateful that he took her attention away from them. Bobby was initially aloof, but I think he warmed up to him. The kids couldn't care less, but Robert, especially, was amused by MD's attention to Alan. I was VERY exited to see that we had Bananas Foster for dessert. Hey, it takes very little to excite me. Alan was amused at my excitement over a dessert. After dinner, we went to see a comedienne named Chris Pendelton. Alan was going to meet us in there, since he had to do some work. Chris was HYSTERICAL. My sister literally had tears rolling down her face. Chris is from South Carolina, & did a lot of jokes about Alabama. They were really funny. She also made a joke that my sister & I used for the rest of the trip. She asked how many single people were in the audience. Not many of us raised our hands. She was like, "Yeah, that's what I thought. When ya'll came on this ship, I bet you didn't realize that Rotterdam was a Dutch word meaning, "Slim pickin's!" We thought that was hysterical, & soooo true, too. This lady was hysterical. She lives in Los Angeles, & I hope she has a show out here that I can see. I kept looking for Alan. The show finished, & Alan approached me. He had been there the whole time, but didn't want to block people by walking to where we were. What a thoughtful guy! Next, Momme Dot wanted me to sing again. I said I would sing the next night. Alan pointed out that he couldn't hear me the next night, so would I please sing tonight, so he could hear me. He wanted me to sing in the Ocean Bar, for some reason. A French-Canadian trio called Stardust was playing in there. Alan knew the drummer's name was Dave, so he asked Dave if I could sing with them. Dave said I had to ask the keyboardist, whose name escapes me right now. So we asked him. He wasn't thrilled with the idea. I mean, they had no clue if I had any talent. So he handed me the microphone & had me stand next to him (outside the stage) & I looked over their long list. I decided to sing, "Crazy," cause it was one of the only ones I knew on that list. I sang the first verse, & he snatched the microphone from me. He said, "Now that we know you can sing, you have to move out front & start over." They made me stand on the front of the stage, & started the song over. During a musical break, I said (on the mic), "How you all doing? Where you all from? Have a martini." My family almost fell over. Alan had a huge grin on his face. After the song was over, I shook the band's hands & thanked them, & started to walk away. They wouldn't let me leave without singing another song. I honestly tried to get away. But the audience wanted more, too. No one was going to let me leave without singing another song. I didn't know anything else on their list by heart, though. I asked them if they knew "Over the Rainbow." They did. So I sang that. One verse in, they decided to change keys, cause it was a bit too low. While I was singing, my aunt & uncle came in. Well, Bobby SLID in, a la Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," screaming, "THAT'S my niece!!!!" People got up & started slow dancing, & my aunt & uncle danced. Afterwards, the keyboardist, kissed my hand & profusely raved over me, & Momme Dot leans in & says, "*I"M* the grandmother!!!!" HA! The keyboardist then said, "Folks, that was the lovely Alice, & she will be back tomorrow night at 7:15 to sing with us some more," & then they asked me to come rehearse with them at midnight! I'm sure! Geez! Alan & I went to sit in the corner with Kathy for a bit (Katie & MD went to bed, Bobby & Sara to gamble). Some lady came around the corner & took a picture of me. Random. Alan wanted to hang out with me...and then I remembered Krass (it was about 10 til midnight). I told Alan I needed to change clothes (I was still in heels & a dressy outfit), would meet him back in the Ocean bar at 12:15. Kathy & I went up to change clothes, & then I dragged Kathy to the spa with me. Krass showed up at about 12:05, & was surprised to see Kathy. I told him I needed to rehearse with Stardust, & could we do this another night. He seemed really upset, kinda pissed, but agreed. At that moment, I wondered what he had in mind? JUST a massage, in a private massage room, in a closed, empty spa, at midnight? Sometimes, I am really naive. Hmmm....a sure thing with Krass, or spending time with my sweet Alan? Not a difficult choice. Anyway, Kathy went to bed, & I met Alan at about 12:10. The band had left, so I guessed I wasn't rehearsing! I pulled the hood up on my sweater, in case we ran into Krass! Alan had gotten a bunch of pictures to show me, & we went to play Scrabble. I had never played Scrabble before. We played for quite some time. At one point, I showed him how my tiles spelled "nude," as I pulled them out of the bag. He showed me that his tiles spelled "hate." I said, "Oh, great, are you telling me you hate me?" He added a tile, which was a "d," so it then spelled "hated." I said, "Oh, so you hated me?" And he said, "That was before I met you." Because, remember, women are the Devil's work! But I proved him wrong on that! :-) A family from Los Angeles stopped to talk to us for a bit when they recognized Alan as the ship's photographer. They sure were chatty. I wanted to be alone with Alan, & they just kept talking. One lady said, "There was a girl singing in the Ocean Bar earlier, was that you?" Alan pulled my hood off, & I confessed that it was me. They said I was wonderful. I thanked them. Nice, but chatty. After a while, they finally left us alone. I told Alan what happened with Krass. He was amused. I allowed Alan to have "poo" as a word (he says Americans call it "poop," but everywhere else they call it "poo."). He let me have "jez," as an abbreviation for "jezebel," as in "harlot." I think we ended up within one point of each other. A group of teenagers came by wanting to play....do they ever sleep? But since we were basically done, we let the kids have the game, & Alan took me up to the Lido Deck to play with the puzzle. We sat working on the puzzle until 4AM. That was his cut-off point. We had a little competition going....who could get the most pieces in place in a row. When I got 6 in a row, I jokingly said, "You know what it means when I get 6 in a row, right?" He quite seriously wanted to know what it meant. I said it meant I got a massage from him. By the end of the night, we were sharing the same chair & holding hands under the table (even though there was no one awake on that ship besides us & the teenagers!). I wanted to kiss him...but didn't want to take that risk. Alan confessed to me that he was a virgin, & waiting for marriage. That shocked me. 29 years old. Wow! That's conviction for ya! But I totally respect that! He said that he doesn't restrict himself to dating other virgins, but that it seemed to him that it would be difficult for someone who WASN'T a virgin to NOT have sex in a relationship, when that's what they are used to. I told him I would have no problem not having sex....and anyone who knows me, knows that's the truth. I couldn't care less about intercourse. I prefer the intimacy, the kissing & cuddling, to anything else. Towards the end of the game, I got 16 pieces in a row, & said, "You know what it means when I get 16 in a row, right?" He asked what it meant, & I said it meant 16 kisses. He asked me, "And how are you going to get those 16 kisses?" I said that I didn't know...but maybe we could hang out off the ship on Friday? :-) When his watch beeped 4AM, we went off to bed. What a wonderful night.

Thursday, July 4th, 2002
Independence Day! At sea! What a boring day! I tried to sleep into til about noon, but the ship was doing crew drills, & the intercom thingy kept going off! Argh! I spent an hour on LJ. Alan worked all day. Kathy & the kids were bored silly. There were so few activities on board. Who wants to play Scattergories---as much as I love that game---with a bunch of 60 year olds? Kathy & I had lunch on the Lido Deck with Alan, Kym, & her husband (a ship's officer). The place was packed, since everyone was onboard, & trying to eat at the same time. The fam came in to eat, & took over our table. Alan had to get back to work. Tonight was another formal night. I got ready, & did Kathy's hair & make-up for her. She looked great. She has the most gorgeous eyes that she needs to learn to accentuate. All the cousins were instructed to go around to the different formal photo locations, & try to get some pictures in which ALL of us had our eyes open at the same time. In almost every picture we ever take, someone's eyes are closed. Katie, Robert, & Kathy are the worst...sometimes Neill. Remarkably, mine are never shut. I think it comes from extensive experience in front of cameras. We went to Catalin's photo location first (he's Alan's manager, & he took a liking to me). He recognized me immediately, & put me in the center of the pics. He took a bunch, & then we were on to Chantal's location. We took a few there, & then went to Alan's location. He seemed pleased to see me, & he looked GORGEOUS in his tux. I slid down against the wall, pretending to pass out. Alan remembered all my cousin's names, except for Katie's. We took some group shots, then a couple of just me & Kathy, & then some of just the kids. Alan said he'd come to our table during dinner to jump in the photos with us. When we got to dinner, the extra chair from the night before was still there. We told Endron, our waiter, & were told that an officer from the bridge would be dining with us tonight. I certainly didn't mind, but I found it odd that the ship would place a stranger at your table without your permission. What if you were really private people? I guess it's considered an honor. Momme Dot wasn't pleased, though, & made Katie & I sit on either sides of the empty chair. After a while, Officer Harry Hopma, the chief navigational officer, showed up. He was a handsome young man, so Katie was pretty happy. He didn't speak great English, but enough to get by. MD made me tell him a joke, but I think it lost something in the translation. Momme Dot continued to try to talk to him from across the table, making us all wonder why she didn't just sit next to him. I am sure he thought we were really odd. The waiters were making requests for songs for me to sing at dinner (one wanted me to sing Beatles songs), & some man from another table stopped by to ask if I would sing "Amazing Grace!" Strange. My sister commented that I had fans all over the boat now. Alan was shooting the lower dining room, but showed up to take pictures with us, & when he saw Harry, said, "I see I have been replaced already." :-) We took some group shots, with Harry, too. Then Geoff took some pictures of just Alan & I, & I made him do the stereotypical "prom pose." That was funny, but embarrassed Alan. Katie & I went alone to the show. As we got on the elevator, people were staring at me (as usual...it happens all the time, & makes me paranoid). I said to Katie, "Why does everyone always stare at me?" She said, "You're beautiful! Why wouldn't they?" *blush* I am not sure that's it. The show was "Undersea Follies." ZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz. Those poor performers. They give it their all...but the shows are just so bad. I try to look supportive from the front row, but it's hard. After the show, I went to basically tell Alan good night. He had said he had to work til about 2AM, printing out all the formal night pics. I wasn't going to wait up for 2 hours to hang out with him. But Catalin, bless his heart, let Alan off early, at midnight. So Alan took me back up to the Lido Deck, & we went to sit outside. It was a bit windy, so we mived to a table slightly out of the wind. He gave me a massage, & it was quite nice. A teenager walked by, & said, "Working out the kinks?" I said yeah. Then we got blankets & snuggled under them. We held hands under the blankets. We talked a lot. We snuggled. At one point, I got up & walked behind him, & "tickled" his back. "Tickling" is basically "caressing." The same teen walked by with some friends, & commented that I was now returning the favor. I said, "Hey, it's only fair." I wonder if they recognized Alan as the photographer (I mean, he's everywhere). By 3AM or so, I had begun kissing Alan's neck. I couldn't resist. I just kept kissing & kissing him. I asked him if it was bothering him. He said, "I haven't asked you to stop, have I?"
So I kept it up. I did a kissing demonstration on his neck & ear of the American moving ratings, G-X. X was the most fun. ;-Þ He seemed to enjoy being kissed. There was lots of caressing, hand holding, nexk kissing (on my end), etc. It was wonderful. At one point, I sat on his lap. It was soo tempting to sit that close to his face & not kiss him. I was conflicted...I wanted to kiss him...but I didn't want him to lose his job over me. He said that no matter WHAT the passenger says, if he's caught with a passenger like that, he would be fired, no debate. We saw the moon look like a paper moon...we saw a sudden thunderstorm. I asked him if what we heard was thunder, & he said someone was moving something over us. Then I saw lightning, & it started pouring down rain. It WAS thunder. We sat there & watched this brief storm. Around 4AM (which was kinda technically 5, cause we dropped back an hour that night), the sun was coming up, & he said he needed to get to bed. I did, too, actually, because we had to wake up for an excursion at 7:30AM! I said, "I'm sorry, I just have to. Just once." He said, "What?" And I leaned forward & kissed him on the lips, briefly. He smiled, & we kissed again, briefly. I mean, yeah, it was late, but we were out in the open...pretty risky. We made plans to meet on land the next day. I was supposed to be back from the excursion around 2:30, & he was supposed to get off work from the gallery around that same time. He put out his arm for me to hold, since the ground was slippery. Down one deck, we ran into Jenn, a dancer from the show, & a guy she was with, who knew Alan from another ship. She & I talked a bit while the guys reminisced. I told her she was great in the show (she was one of the ones I thought was really cute to watch), & she said they really appreciated me in the front row, always smiling. After a bit, Alan & I continued on, & he said that tongues were gonna wag now. :-) We parted ways, & I went to my cabin. I asked Kathy what time the wake-up call was set for, & she pointedly said, "In just a few minutes." Sure enough, a mere 3 hours later, we had to wake-up. Ouch. But it was all worth it.

Friday, July 5th, 2002
Quebec City, Quebec. We woke at 7:30AM, & had a bit of breakfast. We met the kids in the Queen's Lounge, & headed down the gangway for our trip. We were going river rafting! :-) At the end of the gangway, there was my beautiful Alan, waiting to take our picture. We ALL looked really sleepy, but I put on a big smile. We said we'd talk to each other when I got back onboard. Off we went, in a bus, to the river. It was about a 45 minute drive away. A gorgeous French-Canadian, Sebastian explained everything to us while we filled out forms. Some idiot from the ship says, "This form is in French." Sebastian says, "Yes, that's why I'm explaining what it says." The schmuck says, "But I don't know French." *sigh* After Sebastian told us all not to wear anything cotton under our wetsuit, the schmuck said, "How about my socks? Can I wear my socks?" *sigh* I told Sebastian that I'd have to kill him if he put that schmuck in my boat. I wouldn't be able to take it. We struggled to put our wetsuits on. Those damn things are HARD to get on! Sheesh! It took forever. We then got our helmets, oars, & lifevests. We headed to our bus, which was a yellow school bus that was marked, "SPECIAL." How ironic. We got to the river, & the mosquitos were AWFUL! Really disgusting! They were big & persistant. I was glad I had chosen to wear a wetsuit jacket, so that the only skin I had available to the mosquitos was my hands, basically. We got in a boat with the female guide, Chantal. We rode with a man & his two kids; they were pretty cool. Chantal was awesome. She was a ball of energy, & had me tell jokes & sing songs, & she'd sing with me in her adorable French accent. When she found out I was an actress, she asked me what shows I had done. She was really excited to hear I had done "Grease," & then started singing "Sound of Music" songs with me when I told her I had done that. She was a SCREAM! Sebastian & I had a huge water fight when we were stopped for a while. He grabbed a bucket, & while scooping water out of his raft, started throwing it on me. When I would go to do the same, he'd block my water with his bucket. But I got him good a couple of times. We all went swimming for a good portion of the river. Chantal guided the boat by herself while we swam. The current pulled us pretty fast, & at some points, it was so shallow, your butt would scrape the ground. I pulled a blood-thirsty mosquito off Neill's face, & one out of Robert's ear. Ewww! Sadly, our ride ended, & we headed back to the rafting place. It was a bit easier to pull the suit off than get it on. Peels off like a banana. I forgot a change of underwear & a bra, & didn't want to ride back in a wet bathing suit, so I went commando. :-) We got a lame box lunch, & got back on the bus to head back to the ship. I was exhausted & fell asleep on the way back. I had gotten bitten on my right hand twice, those little nasty mosquitos! But Neill....he said when he took a shower, there were still mosquitos in his hair. He got bitten all over his scalp, under his bangs, on his neck, on his EYELID (swelling his eye)...it was crazy! Robert got bitten on his neck, & Katie & Kathy seemed to escape any bites. We got back around 2:45. Kathy stopped outside the gangway to call Chad. I headed straight to the gallery, & Alan had already left. I got Geoff to call their room, & spoke to Alan there. We agreed to meet at the end of the gangway at 3PM. I wouldn't have time to shower, just change clothes & throw some perfume on! My hair would just have to be wet! I made it off at about 3:05, & Alan was waiting for me. He was talking to another passenger, & we walked a bit with him, & then went off on our own. Alan put all my personal info into his Pocketmail organizer...name, address, phone number, email addresses. We stopped in a shop for me to buy a Canadian sweatshirt jacket. I got a really good deal! Alan explained his Pocketmail thing to an employee of the store. I thought it sounded like a great idea, & so did the guy. We walked on, & stopped briefly to watch a street show. I guess there are a lot of those there, cause a little further, we can upon another one. Let me tell you, Quebec City is GORGEOUS, but full of lots of steep hills. Having just come off that river rafting trip, I was already really worn out. But I braved it to be with Alan. We stopped at a pizza place called Mike's to eat. Alan led me to a booth in the back. He sat on one side, & put his stuff on the other side, so I had to sit next to him. We both ordered BBQ chicken pizza & Mug root beer. He took some pictures of us with his digital camera, & showed me some he already had on the memory card. We stayed there until slightly after 5. We held hands, & he would place his hand on my thigh. I paid for lunch, to thank him for spending time with me. He was not thrilled to let me pay, but I insisted. I basically asked him if there was some place we could go where we'd have some privacy. He said there really wasn't, but we could go up to the park. Oi! More hills! We hiked up to the Citadel...and it started raining. We got a bit soaked. We stopped to take some pictures, & then crossed the bridge on the other side. Because of the rain, everyone had pretty much scattered. He stopped to tie his shoe, & I looked & saw that no one was coming from either direction. He started to walk away, & I grabbed him, pulled him back, & kissed him. A REAL kiss this time. A yummy one. Then another. We pulled away & walked a bit further. We peeked around again, saw the coast was clear, & I stepped up a few steps to be level with him, & we kissed again. YUMMY! But we were getting really pressed for time, because he had to be in his uniform & back in the gallery to work at 6:30, & it was about 5:45 now. :-( So we headed back. No more fun & games. We took a few more pictures...ran into Jenn, the dancer (who was probably surprised to see him with me again), & headed back. He stopped at a payphone, & sent an email from his Pocketmail. Turns out, it was an email to me. :-) He had typed it while I was shopping earlier. After we got back, he went to work, & I went to the Internet Cafe to see if I had gotten his email. It was there, & I responded. Tonight, the show was before dinner. It was going to be an encore with Chris & Paul Tanner. Yay & argh, respectively. We sat & laughed at Chris...and when Paul came on, I walked out & hung out with Alan, & bought the picture of us from the night before. Catalin gave me the $20 one of myself & Kathy from formal night, & also gave me one of the ones of me & Alan (I had bought the other one). That was very sweet of him! He told me that Momme Dot had told him that I had a crush on Alan...and she said it like this, "My granddaughter, the pretty one, she has a crush on Alan." The "pretty one." HA! I met my family at the Odessey Italian Restaurant for dinner. MD gave me a hard time about the pictures. See, she set up our accounts so that everything any of us bought was charged to her....she allowed us each $125 to spend. Anything over that, we were supposed to pay for ourselves. But it was all charged to her, because of the way she set it up. I tried to explain to her that I would pay her back for anything over $125 that I spent. She still bitched & moaned. *sigh* We had a nice dinner. Bobby did a toast to everyone, individually, & got all teary. I did one. MD did one to our deceased grandfather. We all wished my mom had been there to enjoy the cruises with us. I went to pack after dinner (the luggage had to be outside the room by 1AM, & I hadn't even started yet!), but stopped by to speak briefly with Alan. I told him I had to pack, but could meet him a bit later, since it was our last night together. *sniffle* While I was packing, there was a knock on the door. Since I had no pants on, I asked who it was. The answer was, "Room service." I opened the door, & Alan was standing there. I told him to let me put some pants on, & invited him in...but he wasn't allowed to come in. He had brought me some pictures he had taken of Montreal & Quebec City, on previous trips, since I didn't get to see much. How sweet! I told him to give me about 30 minutes, since I was almost done. I called him in his room when I was finished packing, woke him up (poor thing), & we arranged to meet in the Lido at 11:15. He ate, & I had some ice cream. He went down to his room to get some pictures to show me, of his family & South Africa (which is beautiful). He took a while to come back up, & I snuck his camera out & took some up-close shots of myself. When he finally came back, I asked him if he had fallen asleep again. He said he had stopped by the infirmary to get some condoms. I said, "Snug fit?" LOL! He said, "Excuse me? I don't need Snug-fit." That's a long, inside joke. Anyway, we went up to the Sport Deck, & were going to sit on the lounge chairs, but they were wet. We went back down to grab some cushions. He asked me if I wanted to go back up there & sit in the dark, or sit on the Lido Deck in the light. I said that I really didn't care, & would leave it up to him. He said, "I don't care where we are, as long as I am with you." *melt* I picked the Sport Deck, since the night before, we kept hoping the lights would go off, so we could enjoy the lights on land more. So we took cushions & blankets up to the Sport Deck, & laid down side by side. There was one man up there....but we held hands under the blankets. It was REALLY cold up there, & windy. We came up to a bridge, & it didn't look like we would make it under. We slowed down, & moved towards the highest point in the middle. I got a bit nervous. The highest point of the ship cleared the bridge by about 4 feet or so...but it was pretty scary. It was a cool thing to see. The lights outside were gorgeous. There was lots of cuddling, caressing/tickling, hand holding. After a while, we switched to tobogan-style, with him sitting in front of me. I "tickled" his back & bum...*giggle*, for quite some time. Those damn teenagers kept walking by (don't they ever sleep?), so we'd jump apart. I told Alan how my family was generally unsupportive of my career. He seemed surprised, because apparently, Bobby had a long conversation with him about me. Bobby told him how talented of an actress he thought I was, what a great singer I was, how I was going to make it. Funny....he can't say that to ME, but he can tell a virtual stranger. *sigh* That's my family for ya. It's a shame to show emotion to those you love. Eventually, we switched, with me sitting between his legs. It was really windy & cold by this point, & he was shivering. I felt okay, though. I kept trying to warm him up. At some point, I got bold & turned around to face him, & kissed him. We kissed a few times, always with one eye open to watch for people (as if anyone was still awake when everyone had to be out of their rooms at 8AM!). Lots of things got "tickled"...quite a few kisses were had (not enough, though), etc....and we parted ways at 3AM...early for us! I was very sad to leave him...I knew it was our last alone moment. When I got back to the room, I couldn't warm up. I shivered in bed until I feel asleep.

Saturday, July 6th, 2002
Dock; I woke up at 7:30AM. Kathy called me from MD's room to warn me that she was on the rampage about $160 worth of new charges. ($60 of it was mine...some of it Kathy's, & the rest Bobby & Sara's.) Of course, I was catching most of the blame (Sara's take on that is that I am most similar in temperment---feisty---to MD, so she picks on me the most...and it's true). I told Kathy to warn MD that I was too exhausted to deal with her crap, when I had already offered to pay for whatever I went over, & that she'd be unwise to end the trip on a bad note. By the time I got up there, wisely, MD had calmed down. Kathy had worked out a deal where I would send MD a check for $40 (I already have). MD had to mention to Bobby how she had to pay all that extra money...he didn't give a crap. I told him I'd pay her back...he said he'd believe it when he saw the check. Whatever. Bobby wanted to buy 2 $20 pictures of his kids, & Alan gave him one free. I said goodbye to my family (they were leaving before us), & Kathy & I went back to hang out with Alan in the gallery. I was very tired & very sad. Eventually, they called our letter for disembarkment, & I sadly hugged Alan goodbye. We said we'd keep in touch. Kathy & I went down, found our luggage, went through Canadian customs, & got on our bus. We had to separate at the airport, go through immigration, pay $15 to be at the airport(???), go through US customs, have our bags searched, then go through security with our carry-ons. I went to my gate, where Kathy was supposed to meet me, & fell asleep. She woke me up, & we went down to the gate where our family was still waiting. Bobby, Sara, & MD were getting Burger King, so they got us Whoppers. We ate, & went back to their gate. I saw them off, & then saw Kathy off, & then went to wait at my gate. They had us fill out a form with our info, I am guessing in case the plane crashed, so they'd have info of who was onboard. I got onboard, & we had a pretty short flight to Chicago. Thankfully, cause the boy next to me drank tomato juice....the smell of which makes me physically ill!!! We made it to Chicago, & I wasn't there long before I boarded my plane for Denver. I had to BOOK it to my gate, which was on the other side of the freakin' airport! I wasn't sure I would make it! People were already going on the plane when I got there! This plane was the biggest I had ever seen. It was a double decker, with suites upstairs. There were about 3 feet of space between the first class rows! Amazing! 11 seats per row in coach....3 on each side, & 5 in the middle. A mother asked me to switch seats, so she could be with her kids. She was booked on the opposite side of the plane from them. I told her I didn't mind as long as I still got an aisle seat. It worked out great, cause there was an empty seat between me & the lady in the window seat (there would also be an empty seat between me & the lady in the window on the next flight!). Score! I watched a video with some funny comedians. We made it to Denver, & I had time to have a steak sandwich before we left for Burbank. The flight there was uneventful. I was so relieved to make it home, got my luggage, & met Nick coming in to look for me. He was a sight for sore eyes as I struggled out with my 3 pieces of luggage (one was a carry-on). I was happy to be home...but already missed Alan! *sniffle*

Well...that's it. *whew*

If you made it this far....you are VERY brave. *bowing*

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