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Boring things about me....stolen from coral

*[[09 things you're looking forward to]]*
1. being a movie/TV star
2. My future
3. finding love someday
4. New adventures
5. being educated by the school of hard knocks
6. making new LJ friends :-)
7. seeing what happens with certain people
8. spending time on LJ
9. building my dream home & having money to pay my bills

*[[08 things you wear daily]]*
1. Watch
2. Undies
3. Earrings
4. Bra
5. a smile
6. Clothes
7. Shoes & or socks
8. hair clip

*[[07 things that annoy you]]*
1. Rudeness
2. Stupidity
3. Ignorance
4. People with no manners
5. inconsiderate drivers
6. Loud and obnoxious kids (or rather, bad parents)
7. not having money to pay my bills

*[[06 things you touch every day]]*
1. Computer
2. Faucet
3. my hair
4. TV on/off button
5. my pussies
6. my face/body (showering...get your mind out of the gutter)

*[[05 things you do every day]]*
1. eat
2. Shower
3. read/write on LJ
4. read/write email
5. Smile & laugh (hopefully every day!)

*[[04 people you'd want to spend more time with]]*
1. my mother (who's deceased)
2. my good friends
3. My Family
4. Alan

*[[03 movies you could watch over and over]]*
1. Pretty Woman
2. The Matrix
3. Princess Bride

*[[02 of your favorite songs at this moment]]*
1. When Doves Cry---Prince
2. Without Me---Eminem (a shocker, I know)

*[[01 person you could spend the rest of your life with]]*
1. at this rate, the answer has to be ME

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