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Today was a crappy day, overall. I guess it improved a bit over the morning, but not much.

I woke up with a bit of a stomachache. I think it's stress, personally. It all went downhill from there.

Sunday morning, I logged on & there was a mysterious screen name in my AOL account, one I had not created. "Default209" it was named. I thought, "how odd!" I tried to log on, but didn't know the password, obviously. I went into my master screen name & deleted it.

This morning, I logged onto AOL...and there was "default209" again...this time, with 4 emails in its box! WTF? I approached AOL tech support, thinking it was something that AOL was doing, perhaps. The tech said I either had a virus or I had been hacked, & that I should run virus scan & immediately change my passwords. I was, by now, already late for work, so I didn't have time to do either. On the way to work, I called my pc tech. He said that it sounded like this God-awful new virus that was going around. Apparently, there is some new virus going around that overrides virus protection. The only way to protect yourself from it is to not get on the net at all.

Let me make something clear. As sad as it may seem to some, the internet is very important to me. Getting on LJ, sending/receiving emails is one of the few joys I have in my life, currently. I derive much pleasure from the net. So the thought of my system being disabled again (it crashed due to viruses back in March, I think) just about killed me. I started stressing so much & feeling so badly about EVERYTHING (not just the pc), that I called in sick....half way to work, I turned around & went back home. I changed my passwords, & I nervously ran virus scan. According to the scan, my system is clean. Unless I have a new strain of this nasty new one, I am clean.

But that means that someone is hacking into my AOL account. And, you know, that's not good news either. But I would much rather someone hack me than my system die. Lord knows, I cannot afford a new pc. No way, no how. Even just replacing the BIOS system is $250+.

I started thinking about viruses & how they get spread. Setting aside the ones that override virus protection, viruses spread when (a) people are so irresponsible as to NOT have virus protection ($40 a year to save your system?). I didn't have VP on my previous system, & that was irresponsible of me. There really is no excuse to NOT have it. If you don't have it, GET IT! And the other way, (b) is by keeping an online address book. That bugs me. When you get a virus, it usually attaches itself to your address book, & sends itself out to all your friends & family. They get a download from you, think it's safe cause they know you, & then get a virus! And so on & so on. It's not that much more trouble to use a paper address book. I have a binder that is alphabetical, & I keep everyone's email addresses in there. I want to send an email, I quickly look up their email addy under their name, & quickly type it in. The only time it would be a bit of a pain (& not even that big of one) is if you are doing a mass mailing. But for how rarely I do those, it's really no big deal. DON'T keep an online address book! If, for some reason, you have me on yours & refuse to delete the whole thing, at least remove me from it, please! Keep me on a paper list, not on your online list! Please!
This way, if you DO get a virus, it will stop with you! Yes, you will still have one, but you won't pass it to anyone else!

The day improved a bit when I discovered I didn't have a virus. But I still wasn't thrilled with the thought of someone hacking into my system. As I type this, someone is RIGHT NOW, this very instant, trying to hack me. I downloaded BLACKICE, & it detects any hack attempts. Since 7PM, I have had 10 hack attempts (it's now 10PM). 10 hack attempts in 3 hours! Crazy! How DARE they! It pisses me off! I feel violated! Bastards! Get a friggin' life!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! Thank you, lapintada for helping me out with all this. You are a life saver! *hugs*

THANK GOD I do not have a nasty virus! THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!!!! Some good news, for once!

I then ventured to Hollywood to get a wig for an audition on Friday night. I need to be a brunette, & most of my wigs are short. They will never consider me at all if I walk in blonde. Luckily, Ellen, at Hollywood Wigs, gives me really good deals. I took the Metro Rail into Hollywood (after spending a loooong time searching for a friggin' parking place), walked down to Hollywood & Vine, & went wig shopping (right next to Le Sex Shoppe!). I got a really cute brunette wig. It looks just like the burgandy one I have, but it's brown (obviously...hence the brunette part). I made it back to my car with 30 minutes to spare (2 hour parking). I love the Metro Rail.

Then I just came home & chilled. I need to chill more often. I am way over-stressed. Money....career....weight....Alan....men in general....STRESS! *ack*

I had dinner with sexykitty1 & Garry. We ate at Mo's. Cajun shrimp & garlic mashed potatoes. Yum!!!

I gotta call Sprint tomorrow & see why I am not receiving text messages. I have LJ set up so that I can, but I haven't been getting them. I guess you have to set something up first.

I am totally bummed now that I don't hear from Alan but about once a week. San Juan is the only port where he can send/receive email, & he's there once a week....on Saturdays. Contact once a week. And our emails will cross. He will send one to me on Saturday, & receive mine at the same time. He will respond to mine & send a response the following Saturday, while receiving my response to his the week before. Sheesh. Hell....maybe his feelings have tapered off, anyway. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not for me, though, unfortunately.

I want to do this one musical soooo bad. Garry said that I could put together an hour of it to show to the guy who runs his theatre, to considering doing it there one night a week, to start. It's such an AWESOME musical, & very rarely done. But Tracy---whom I want to do the show with me & play my father---has to find George, the writer, before we can put anything together. He has the rights to the show...the sheet music, everything. We can't do anything without him. And Tracy has lost touch with him. I pray that we find him...because this musical needs to get done...and I need to do it.

It's so freakin' hot here. Geez....I sleep with the A/C fully blowing, & I'm STILL hot. I HATE sweating...and I hate working all day & feeling like I need another shower! Ick!

WTF is up with villagephotos? I paid for an account with UNLIMITED bandwith. And yet, tonight, all my pictures on LJ are red x's! WTF?

I learned how to back up my files today. I backed up all my uploaded pics onto disc! YAY! YAY for me!!!! :-)
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