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The stupidity of the "techs" at AOL stuns me.

I approached an online AOL tech trying to find out my hostname to set up my Pocketmail account to consolidate. This "tech" was clueless....he didn't even seem to know what a hostname was....which stuns me, coming from a tech. It's just like, "mail.AOL.com"....something like that. He was like, "I'm not sure what you are asking me...what is a hostname?" Sheesh! He was clueless, so he gave me a 1-888 tech number to call. I call it...the female, didn't speak very good English tech who answered here had NO IDEA what I was talking about, either. She finally gives me a number to call AOL info. I call AOL info, & there are no options to choose for what I am asking, so I go back to tech support (same department, different phone number!). THIS time, I get an INCREDIBLY dumb, just got off the boat from Pakistan lady, who is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CLUELESS. I was actually truly stunned this time. I explained to her that this was the 3rd time I had talked to someone in tech support, even though I didn't feel this was technically a "tech" issue. I told her what I needed, a hostname, "such as 'mail.aol.com'." She actually told me to email myself to see what my screen name was. WTF? HUH? I explained to her that I didn't need MY email name, I needed the host name. "Have you tried emailing yourself, to yourself," she brilliantly asks. Holy crap! I know nothing about computers & I could get a friggin' tech job with AOL! I tried to explain what I needed about 50 times. There were LONG pauses while she was checking her handbook, evidently. She didn't even bother to put me on hold, we just sat in silence for long moments at a time. I asked her to connect me with a supervisor about 15 times (I didn't want to say, "Someone who speaks & understands English well."). She ignored my request every time. Finally, she says, "What are you trying to do? What device are you trying to use?" I explain to her that I have a Pocketmail Composer. After a looooooong pause, she says that AOL doesn't support such devices, & if I want to check my AOL email while on the road, I can do that by calling a 1-800 number. I try counting to 10, & explain that AOL DOES support this device, because my friggin' instructions say that AOL supports it. She puts me on hold AGAIN. She comes back with yet ANOTHER number I need to call. This is AGAIN, a dead-end. It was a number for hand-helds, but only 2 different kinds, & if you didn't have those 2 kinds, you were SOL. By this point, I was about ready to slit my friggin' wrists. I can't find anyone who knows shit about shit on AOL. This is ridiculous. I want to kill somebody. Preferably that second "tech" lady who wasted 15 minutes of my damn time.

As I sit here, I am back online, this time trying live billing help...and hoping to have more luck than I have.

Oooops...no luck there. I am now speaking on the telephone with my 4th AOL "tech"....another Indian woman. *sigh* She is friendlier & actually seems to understand what I need, but still cannot help me. She is now telling me to call that 866 number again, for hand held device support...so I did...and they are closed. *groan*

Next stop...emailing the Pocketmail service & telling them of my troubles with AOL. But I am sure they will tell me they can't help, since they are not affiliated with AOL. Does anyone know how I can find out AOL's hostname????

For the love of God....someone please help me!!!!
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