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I think I need to take a nap....I don't know why, but I am extraordinarily exhausted today! I wasn't up THAT late....and didn't wake up til 9:30. Odd.

I finally got an email from Alan. I was pretty disappointed with it. It's been a week since I have really heard from him....and he basically typed me one short paragraph...the rest of the fairly short email he typed while on the plane LAST Saturday. He can't have been THAT busy. He did make some comment about how cute we looked together in one of the pictures I sent him...but that doesn't mean much.

I am thinking I need to write him off. Not that it makes any difference...it's not like I haven't been dating, & I will certainly continue. I will still email him & keep up a friendship, of course, because I genuinely like him. He's a great person. But I don't think I meant as much to him as he to me. At least, that's the way it looks. We'll see what his responses to my many emails will be next Saturday.

I have been text messaging all day....TOO fun!!! Wooo-hoooo!!! :-)

I'm hungry....

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