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Gonna write about my day yesterday, & head to bed really early. I am just exhausted today.

It started with me running late for work. No big shock there. I tend to run late for work in the mornings. I should NEVER turn my pc on in the mornings. But I do. And then I get caught up. Shame on me.

But I had an exciting day ahead. I was going to be the saloon show at Knott's! Wooo-hooo! This part was written for me, & I play it very well. I just HAVE FUN! I love it so much! And (so far) I only get two days to do it...yesterday & the 30th. Not only that, but I was going to be playing Dusty to Jeff Weeks' Dakota Dan...& he's by far the best & most fun one. (The 30th, I am performing with Bob Tully, who doesn't like me & is a jerk to me onstage.) I have so much fun when I work with him, especially doing this show. After work, I was going straight to an audition for "Gypsy," a show I've always wanted to do.

Halfway to work...I realize that I left my wig at home. Last Monday, I bought a wig JUST for this audition. And I walked right out & left it at home. *argh!* I want to play the role of Louise...and she's always played brunette. I knew they would have a hard time visualizing me at a brunette...so I bought the wig. D'OH! I was so pissed at myself...but what could I do at this point? I was already halfway there, & I was running late, as it was.

I get to the parking lot with about 7 minutes to spare. The KRONOS clock at our work location was vandalized & has yet to be fixed....so we have to RUN to the Bandit's Lair to clock in on time. Clock in time was 9:45....we scanned in at EXACTLY 9:45AM. *whew* I have had enough lates lately that I am close to getting in trouble (leave almost the same time every day...but you can never predict Los Angeles traffic). I went into the saloon dressing room, & was surprised to see my area supervisor, Craig, (who oversees my direct supervisor) & my old friend & co-worker, Aimee. She quit last fall. Apparently, they need her to sub in as a can-can dancer, so she was in to train. It was good to see her. I did my very plain make-up (I play a tomboy role), & put my costume on. Jeff arrived, & announced he was in a bad mood. I told him he'd better snap out of it, cause I was looking forward to having fun! I was also VERY relieved to see that my dancers this day would be Lauren & Winter, the two new girls. I get along with Amy off & on...and Julie can be moody, too. Both are kinda fake....Amy moreso than Julie. But I get along really well with Lauren, & fine with Winter.

We went out to do the first show. My goodness....we had SO much fun. Jeff makes up lines all the time...but I play off him really well. He thinks he's going to fluster me...but then I will say something funny right back...we'll both start cracking up...and the audience loves it when the actors lose it. I dropped a line in the first show (hadn't done it since early June), & that create a bit of an uncomfortable moment. I apologized backstage. We had so much fun, though. After the show, Jeff announced he was no longer in a bad mood...that show had snapped him out of it. :-) That is what acting does for me!

The second show was fun, too. The third show had a really interesting moment. The piano player was new, too. I started singing "Windy City," & I don't know WHAT David was playing, but he WASN'T playing "Windy City!" Jeff gave me a look like, "WTF?" Lauren & Winter looked at me like, "WTF?" And I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights! I thought the audience must be thinking, "This girl can't sing," cause I wasn't singing the notes being played...and it was really hard to continue. Have you ever tried to think of how a certain song goes while you are listening to a different song? Geez!!!! So after the show, David says, "Geez, I am REALLY sorry about 'Windy City'!" I saw no point in pulling a diva "You made me look like an ass!" routine (although, let me tell you, the other Dustys WOULD have, guaranteed!), so I just said, "Yeah, what happened?" He said, "I didn't have the book open to that piece of music, & I couldn't remember how it went, so I just started playing something...." ROFL! By the second verse, he got the book open & was with me. Good thing I have a good sense of humor! The audience for this show sucked anyway....Jeff said, "I'd like to say what a great audience you've been, but you haven't."

The fourth show, I got a phone call. Garry Marshall & his assistant were on their way to see the show! I had left free tickets for them upfront, cause they had said they would try to make it. YAY! How exciting! Garry had only seen me do children's theatre. Jeff was like, "WHY is he coming to this show???" Garry & Heather sat right up front, with Aimee (who had met him at the cast & crew screening of "Princess Diaries," since she was my "date"). Jeb was Entertainment One (in charge of all the entertainment in the park for that shift for the day) that day, & he was there, watching. Craig was there watching. When I came up around the outside for my entrance, I said to Craig, "Did you see him?" And he said, "Where?" I pointed Garry out. Garry seemed to genuinely enjoy the show. He had a lemonade & some popcorn, & was clapping along to everything. It was a good audience. We had fun, but Jeff & I played it straight, cause of the supervisors out there. After the show, I walked around in my dress to grab Garry & bring him backstage, & these teenage girls grabbed me....they said, "Ohmigosh, we see this show EVERY day, & you are by far the prettiest one! When you came out in that dress, we almost died! And you are so funny!" They were just gushing....and I wished they would tell that to my supervisor! All around---looks & talent---I *AM* the best one for that role (shoot, the writer says it was practically written for me), & I don't care if that is bragging! Anyway, Garry came back & met the whole cast, & Craig. I had never seen Craig that excited...he looked like a kid in a candy store! He told Garry that anytime he wanted to come see the ice show, he'd get him VIP seats! Everyone was really excited to meet him. I walked Garry & Heather out, stopping in a store to get his granddaughters some gifts. They were so nice to have come.

We had another great, fun, silly show for the last show. Jeff & I just have great chemistry....we play soooo well off each other. It kinda made me sad. Cause this would be the only day I would be performing with him. We have so much fun together, & we are so much fun to watch in the show...it's a shame we don't get to do it more often. Sad, really.

I talked briefly with David after the show. He thanked me for a fun day. I said, "Yeah, it's a fun group." And he said, "Yeah, a lot more fun than other casts who shall remain nameless." I said, "I just really enjoy doing this show," & he said, "Yeah, & it really shows." Lauren & Winter left. I would see them again on the 30th, thank God. Jeff & I stayed behind til 6:15. Jeff put my hair in two cute little side braids for the audition...I was trying to hide the blonde hair a little bit.

I finally get out of there, & drive to Santa Ana for the audition (about another 15-20 minutes south of Knott's). I get there & see Laura Dickenson, who played Dusty in the saloon show LAST year (I took a lot of her shifts). Small world. I expected to see many more people there. I saw one woman with her kids. She & I were both confused. A woman at the church (where the audition was) didn't know anything about an audition. We finally discovered that Backstage West had gotten the date wrong, & the audition was MONDAY night. Ummmm...how did everyone else know that, but me & this lady? Strange. I rehearsed the song....looked all cute...and no audition. I saw the directors on the way out, & they apologized for the mix-up. I told them, "no problem," & said I'd be back on Monday. They said, "Oh yes, please come back!" Off I went...and got caught in some Friday traffic. I thought about it....it gave me more time to rehearse the song. It gave me a chance to remember the brunette wig I forgot! So it wasn't so awful.

Extras Management, my extras agency, called me on the way home. Apparently, even though I had called in to say I was only available on Thur/Fri for the summer, they had booked me as a waitress (just background stuff, no talking) on "Judging Amy" for Monday. But I couldn't do it. Oh well. Garry called me on the way home, & said how much he enjoyed the show. I asked him if he thought I overacted...since he says I overact all the time. He said I was perfect for that...it's film where I overact. I called my sister & we talked for an hour on my way home. If erinbir's mom can get my sister a decent job, my sister might move to Los Angeles. That would be cool. She needs a change, & I think I'd be a positive influence on her.

I decided to stop on the way home at Chevy's to get some take-out. I LOVE their sweet corn tomalito more than words. So much so that I ordered a pint of it. Got all the way home....opened up my sweet corn stuff....and the container (for which I paid $4.50) had some sort of green sauce in it....NOT corn tomalito. *groan* Boy, was *I* upset, cause I was REALLY craving it. I called & asked to speak to a manager, but I was really nice about it. He was really apologetic, & I said, "Hey, you guys are really busy on Friday nights, mistakes happen." He told me to come in on Sunday on my way home from work, & he'd give me a full refund AND a free pint of sweet corn tomalito. YAAAAAAY! What a great deal!!!! That's good service! I can't wait! I can't describe to you how good this chit is!!!!

I cannot speak about how disappointed I was today with the email I got from Alan. I wrote about it earlier, so no need to repeat it here. But I still feel the disappointment of it when I think about it. I am hoping to get more favorable stuff from him NEXT Saturday, his next time in a US port...since that is when he will be able to send his responses to MY responses (IF he responds!).

However....I did have quite a bit of fun today. You see, I have a little online crush. I have "met" a guy only on the net....but we chat a lot. He's really handsome...and sexy...and smart...and funny...and adorable. We recently starting cam chatting, since I finally got a cam....and we spent almost ALL day chatting on cam! We started chatting early in the day...and didn't log off til around 8PM. It was great fun...truly. Can anyone tell me WHY I seem to get crushes on guys I can't really have, for one reason or the other? I have to seriously wonder if I am doing it on purpose....as a way of protecting my previously hurt heart. Purposely falling for guys I know I can't have...so I don't have to risk the realism of potentially getting hurt by liking someone I CAN have...and him dumping me. Make sense? But maybe it's not me...maybe it's just a coincidence. Who knows? But this guy today...he really took my mind off Alan. All day, it was like, "Alan who?" I really like this dude, too...but we haven't even met in person, & who knows when we will?

Speaking of men....I am meeting a few off Hot or Not in the coming weeks. I am meeting a guy named Josh, one named Travis, & possibly one named J.B. :-) I will post their links here, so my girlies can check 'em out! *wink*




And of course, Todd is still in the running....but I am not sure how interested he still is....

He's the one I went out with before the cruise, the one ya'll wanted to hear an update about. Some of you thought he looked "pasty" in his pic, but as you can see, he's really not pale. He's a cutie, in fact. :-)

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  • (no subject)

    On the movie front, I still have no clue if my scenes will end up in the movie. It was a good AND bad experience, & that's hard to explain. Of…

  • (no subject)

    I had a flu shot today. I figured it would be a good idea, since I have virtually no immune system to speak of. Boy, do I feel crummy, though. They…

  • (no subject)

    Still no clue what I'm going to do. No clue at all.