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I am so exhausted today, my eyes are burning!

I didn't get to bed until after 1AM, & woke up at 9AM. mr_dark was kind & generous enough to come over & check out my pc last night, checking to see if my firewall was working, that I didn't have any viruses, checking on my lame Eudora program. So kind of him! A thousand thanks! As a bonus, he brought the adorable amythyst with him! It was so nice to see both of them, talk a little, etc. I don't get to see them often enough. Anyone who comes in my house & doesn't mention the mess is all right with me! :-)

I am faced with a MAJOR dilema & just have no clue as to what I will do (hence the "dilema" part). I might post about it for advice later. I dunno. It's seriously troubling me. It just hit me yesterday that I put myself in a position where I am going to have to---impossibly---be in two places at one time. Can't happen, obviously.

So I have a crush on someone else I can't realistically have. I have mentioned it recently, I think. I have had a crush on this guy for a while. But in the beginning, it was really just kinda a harmless crush...lately, it's gotten considerably more serious. He's handsome, charming, witty, & intelligent....all wonderful qualities. But like I said, it doesn't matter how much I want him....it's just not really realistic. :-(

I finally got my refund check from the gov't. Thank GOD.

I made a big decision yesterday. Dunno if it was the RIGHT one, but I made it. I did give it quite a bit of thought, so the decision wasn't made willy-nilly. I currently have a Sprint PCS cellphone. I decided yesterday to switch to Verizon. Unfortunately, I have a contract remaining with Sprint. I am either going to have to downgrade to their cheapest plan possible & have both phones for a while, or come up with the money to break the contract early (I THINK $150). The Verizon plan is just SO much better. I will definitely save on this plan (once I get rid of the other phone, anyway), about $20 a month...which really adds up. I can also use Verizon with my Pocketmail system, & I couldn't use Sprint. Verizon allows me 200 text messages for $3 (send or receive), & after that, it's something like $0.02 to receive them, & $0.10 to send them...which is nothing. I can also upgrade to 600 text messages for $8/mo., if I really need that many. (I am WAY having fun with text messages right now! It's so exciting to get one!) With Sprint, I pay $5 for Wireless Web to be able to send & receive them that way....but I only get 50 free, & then I have to pay $0.10 for every one over 50 that I RECEIVE (as if I can control how many other people send me!)...but I can send an unlimited amount. My plan is a bit confusing, because my phone itself can receive text messages (like from LJ), WITHOUT going through the WW, but I don't know what they charge me for those...and no one at Sprint seems to know what I am talking about when I ask! I pay $63 for the same plan at Verizon that I was paying $80 for at Sprint. That's a pretty decent savings. And when I go to Alabama or wherever, I can switch (WITHOUT charges) to a $35 plan that allows me to get reception in other states (mine is a local only plan), & when I get back, transfer back (again, no charge) to my $63 plan (it's a $55 plan, the $63 includes $5 for long distance & $3 for the text messaging). It's a really cool phone, too. When I have the earpiece in, such as when I am driving, the phone talks to me & says, "Chappell is calling...do you want to answer the call?" Cool! It's got cool games...a tip calculator, a regular calculator, etc. It's also got DSL speed, so loading the internet & stff goes really fast. On Sprint, sometimes the WW is really slow to connect, but you are paying for using it out of your anytime minutes. I think, overall, it's a much better deal. Sprint has been irritating me a bit lately. Do any of you have Verizon? Do you like them? Any complaints? Any opinions on Sprint?

I gotta go jump in the shower. I am going to the OC fair today. If any local person wants to meet me there, send me a text message, & don't forget to leave a number where I can reach you! :-)
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