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I'm about to log off, but just thought I'd do a quick entry. I am having "coffee" with Garry tomorrow morning, so can't stay up as late as I have been (I put that in quotes because I wouldn't touch coffee with a ten foot pole!).

I am so excited! A bunch of my friends are coming to see my show this weekend! I really haven't had anyone come to see me yet!

Amy & her mom, Julie & her boyfriend, & my friend Paul are all coming tomorrow night (Fri.). It's a possibility that Erin might come, but I kinda doubt it. There's also the possibility that Kenn might come, but I haven't heard from him, so I don't know if he's made reservations or not. I know he really wanted to see it, so I am surprised he hasn't yet.
Mary might go tomorrow night, too, as might Maranda....but I am still waiting to hear back from both of them.

Then Saturday night (which is SOLD OUT!!!), Alicia is coming & Cherie might come with her. Daniel & Marcus are coming. I think that's it for Saturday night.

Then Sunday, my ex-boyfriend, Robert, is coming & bringing his sister, Becki. I suspect it will be really strange to see him again. The physical attraction will still be there, I am certain...but so will the knowledge that we have little in common.

I think that's it....but that's great! I can't wait! And it will be great to have a few friends in the audience on Sat. night, & a sold out house, cause that's the night they are video taping. :-)

Something is wrong with my stomach...perhaps it's a virus. I don't feel very hungry, & I have an almost constant stomachache. I had a terrible stomachache this morning, took some Pepto Bismal, & now my stomachache is back. I talked to Alicia earlier today & she said she is experiencing the exact same thing. Weird.....

Anyway....I am SO happy my friends are coming to see the show!!!!! Wooo-hooo!

Although (here's the jaded side of me coming out), I suppose I should wait & see if they actually SHOW up before getting too excited...after all, these are California people, & California is like a bowl of cereal.....remove the fruits & nuts & you still have the flakes! ;-

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