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Every Christmas, my grandmother gets me one really nice gift, & several other small things (like socks!).

I think this year I will ask for a new 35mm camera. I love my Canon ELPH camera, cause it's teeny & I can literally slip it into my back pocket. However, the zoom is practically non-existent.

I want a camera with a good zoom. The further it zooms, the better (I don't know what terms you put it in for cameras, but the greater the distance the better). My other requirements are auto flash, red-eye reduction (I have blue eyes!), & a self-timer. I don't care if it's APS or regular 35mm film. Fairly inexpensive is always good. I would definitely like to stay around $250, but less than $300, for sure.

Any advice/suggestions? I have compiled a list of a few I spotted online at Best Buy & Circuit City.

At Best Buy:
Samsung Maxima Zoom 105 Ti QD 35mm (up to 105mm....$99.99)
Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 35mm (up to 120mm....$159.99)
Minolta Freedom Zoom 115 35mm (up to 115mm...$129.99)
Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 35mm (up to 130mm...$159.99)
Minolta Freedom Zoom 140 35mm (up to 140mm...$179.99)
Minolta Freedom Zoom 160 35mm (up to 160mm...$209.99)
Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 35mm w/38-130mm lens $229.99
Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 35mm w/38-140mm lens $249.99
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 115mm (38-115...$159.99)
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 140mm (38-140...$199.99)
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170mm (38-140...$259.99)

Circuit City:
Pentax 38-115mm Zoom Point & Shoot Camera $99.99
Olympus 38-115mm Zoom Point & Shoot Camera $159.99
Canon Sure Shot Z155 (37mm-155mm...$219.99)
Olympus 38mm-170mm Zoom Point & Shoot Camera $259.99

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