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Holy cow! I am a big geek!

I had a friggin' blast playing with my cellphone last night. I have wireless web, & after 9PM, I can basically use it for free. I couldn't really send anyone a text message, cause it was too late. So I played a bunch of different games. I played blackjack, hangman, & a trivia game against 12 other people...I made it down the the final 4. I lost on a question about how many seasons "Seinfeld" lasted! It was so much fun! And then I checked my Yahoo mail on my cellphone, & sent a reply to someone. And then I checked my AOL mail on my phone.

Sorry....I just think that chit is WAAAAY cool to be doing on a friggin' cellphone.

Technology fascinates me. What can I say? I am easily amused.

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