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joecichlid put together a list of scenes where I can be spotted on the "Princess Diaries" DVD. I have no way of checking the validity of these scenes, cause I don't have a DVD player! :-( I know there are some other spottings, like when Mia hits her gym teacher in the head on the softball field, you can see me briefly in a gym outfit in the bleachers. There are random "Alice" sightings everywhere (just about any time you see a girl with long blonde hair in the school scenes, it's usually me).

Thanks, joecichlid, for doing this!

Chapter #2 0:05:10-0:06:35 Debate scene, next to male lead

Chapter #3 0:08:40-0:09:23 Playing tambourine and in front of female lead a few seconds later

Chapter #15 0:47:57 Girl on left walking towards steps of school

Chapter #18 1:07:50-1:08:00 Girl on right side of bench, not sure though

Chapter #18 1:08:46-1:08:49 Blond walking by, again not sure

Chapter #21 1:28:40 Behind Lana when she says, "Mia, you're such a freak" on the far right

Chapter #21 1:28:51 On the right side of Lilly chanting, "Lana got coned"
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