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Someone explain this to me, please.

We have all heard about those two teenage girls who were kidnapped & found safe/alive yesterday. Their full names escape me right now, but one girl's name is Jacquiline (I THINK her last name is something like Maris) & the other girl's name is Tamara. Here in Cali, since it happened here, this story was ALL that was on the news, ALL day yesterday. No soap operas, no game shows...nothing else. Just this story. It was an incredibly sad, scary, moving, & then jubilant story.

Now...explain this:
"The Associated Press is withholding the names of the girls because they are sexual assault victims. They were identified in earlier reports after their names were widely publicized in an effort to help find them."

Riiiiight. They WERE identified earlier. What IS the point of NOW withholding their names? People remember. Everyone heard them. WHY now withhold them, just because the girls were raped (which is horrendous & breaks my heart)???? Isn't it a little bit too late to give these girls anonymity?
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