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I went to a Pagan celebration last Saturday night. I forget what we were celebrating (shame on me) but it was also the Priest (my friend Daniel) & Priestess's birthdays.

It was really cool.

We walked into the room one by one, got an oil smeared on our foreheads, a hug, & a blessed be. Then we had to walk into the room & sit on the floor in a clockwise fashion. They made the circle, which was cool. They did the "hail to the watch towers of the North/East/South/West, which is also really cool. Lit lots of candles, & the one representing the male god we were praying to didn't want to light, & kept falling over. There was lots of female energy in the room (Daniel was the only male, & he is gay). They did chants. They passed out cherries, & we ate them & wrapped the pit in a piece of tissue paper. We did a chant, & I am supposed to bury the pit in my backyard & repeat the chant 2 times. We were supposed to ask for any one wish, something we'd like to change in this coming season. I don't know if I am supposed to mention my wish....? They passed out random rune cards/symbols. Mine said "ADAPTIBILITY." Scary. I have none. I am extremely resistant to change. I DON'T adapt well. So I prayed for that personality trait to be added to my life. We then walked to the altar clockwise & placed out paper rune in the small bowl of fire. After I placed mine on the fire, & then Holly (the priestess) did, the fire got out of control (could be from me....I have been told I have lots of negative energy....not FROM me, but from others who wish negative things ON me). Holly decided to flick some of the blessed water on the fire to douse it...and it basically exploded. It was only water! Fire shot high into the air, & there almost appeared to be a picture in the fire. Everyone was taken aback. It was really cool! They finally put something over the bowl to put it out. Then we had to drink & eat to the gods & appreciation of our abundance. They did the watch towers in reverse, opened the circle, & we were done. It was really nifty. It was the second time I have participated in such a rite. I dig 'em.
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